Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dollar Store Candle Upgrade; a guest post

I'm at home now and resting/healing, but I am still not back up to my normal antics...not yet at least. So today, I have another guest poster bringing a super simple project that you could even do with the kids!  Check it out!

Hi all! I am Kate from Nearly Crafty and I am swinging by to help out Randi while she is healing. Poor lady! Anyway, my blog is about DIY crafts and all the injuries I sustain during the creative process.

Today I’m going to share a simple dollar store project that required no bandaids or stitches upon conclusion.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Dollar Store Candle Upgrade

• Dollar store tall glass candle
• Washi tape
• Multi-surface paint or glass paint – 2 colors
• Foam Brush

How To

1. Wrap one strip of washi tape around the bottom of your candle about 3-4 inches from the

2. Wrap a second strip of washi tape above the first, leaving about ½ inch between the two strips.

3. With the foam brush, paint the bottom section of candle one color.

4. Paint the smaller section your contrasting colors.

5. Set the candle upside down and let the paint dry.

6. Remove the tape, and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Awesome Things Tuesday


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Which means it is time to party, but before we can get to that we need to talk about last weeks features. First off we have Ashley's pick- fiesta birthday party printables! This colorful cupcake bunting is enough on it's own, but paired with the soda wrappers,straw flags and birthday banner sign it is an unbeatable combination! I love the sugar skull look and the mexican fiesta is right up my alley!
Fiesta-Themed Birthday Party with Free Printables | Hello Little Home Next up is Krystal's pick - cha cha cha chia eggs! This is not only fun and whimsical, but it looks like a great project for kids. I think that this will have to make an appearance on my spring to do list. And can we talk for one second about that table, AMAZING!
Victoria's pick this week is the - fabric succulent pots and watercolor prints! These are the simplest little pots, but they add such an air of elegance to any table decor. And the watercolor skill Amy has is just awe inspiring on it's own! I wish I could paint like that! And Randi (who is recovering at home now from her horror story of a surgery) picked the - April Fool's Day prank. I love this idea! I'm going to have to save it away for next year, or maybe just a trickster day this summer!

  jello final

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Candy Gift Toppers; A guest post

Hi everyone! This is Steph from Crafting in the Rain. I'll be bringing you today's post while Randi keeps working on getting better. 

The year that my youngest sister turned 9, whenever her friends asked what she wanted for her birthday, she just told them candy. You can imagine the sugary aftermath of that birthday party. My kids also like to pick out candy for their friends, but I like to make sure there's a useful gift involved too--craft kit, toy, game, etc (I'm guessing the other moms appreciate this as well)  To make it more fun that just throwing a pack of candy into the gift bag though, we make it part of the packaging! Start by wrapping the gift (I like to use brown kraft paper or this white paper from IKEA because then you really notice the candy)

Pixy Stix Bow for a Present Topper

Tie string, twine or ribbon around the package and tie in a knot on top. Pinch the bag of candy in the middle and tie the string around to hold it in place and keep the bow shape. Trim the excess. I used a Skittles bag, a fun size M&Ms bag and then I made a star shape out of Pixy Stix! Use a twist tie to wrap around the middles of the sticks so they stay, before tying the string around them.

So leave Randi a quick get well message, and if you liked these, you can find more of what I'm up to on Instagram or Facebook.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

and then the worst happened...The Final Part

I am happy to say that I am home.

Maybe it was the last two days when then doctors came to talk to me and I couldn't stop crying during our appointments that they felt bad, but I just wanted to be at home.  I couldn't control my emotions. They also removed my feeding tube.

It was strange leaving the hospital.  They came over, removed my IV, gave me a little packet and sent me on my way.  15 days in the hospital and all I had to do was push a button at the end of the hall and I was free.

Not only was it strange leaving the hospital, it was kinda scary too.  I am afraid of the unknown.  I am afraid of this happening again.  Chances are slim and as long as I eat properly, I should be back to running 5ks soon, back to crafting like a mad woman and getting busy again.  But for now, I am ok with taking it slow.  With my mother-in-law here with us, it's going to be easier for me.  She can help step in where I need the help during the day, or when I just need a break because I am still so tired during the day.

The other insanely amazing thing was coming home was seeing a fridge (actually both our fridges) stocked, and I do mean STOCKED, with food that our friends have brought by for us.  My house was also cleaned since a friend came cleaned.  My pantry was stocked, there were all kinds of treats and flowers.  I still am getting people asking me if we need food and people still offering to help.

On top of my dad flying out, my mother-in-law flew out the day after Matt called and asked her to come, and she is here as long as I need her.

I had friends on my online discussion board do a collection and sent me a care package that was INCREDIBLE!

Since I was hospitalized for Lucy's 6th birthday, we had to cancel her party but my friends showed up on her birthday, balloons and party hats in hand and threw her an amazing party so she would feel special on her birthday.

The amount of support, cards, texts, emails, food, help...I have been so humbled.  There are not words for me to use to describe my gratitude to everyone in the community around me that has helped even strangers, that has taken time out of their own day to help my family and myself.  It quite literally brings me to sobs in happiness.  I don't know how I will ever repay these amazing acts of kindness, but I won't ever stop trying.

So I am home.  I am on the mend.  And where this won't be an easy process, it will be one that I will take my time on so that I can get better the right way and not end up in this situation again.

Thank you everyone for your kind words, your emails, your texts, your EVERYTHING.  You have no idea what it all has meant to me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

and then the worst happened...Part 2

You have to understand that it was my gallbladder doctor that pushed me to go to Virginia Mason in Seattle when I wasn't really showing much improvement.  He pushed hard.  The IG doctors at Evergreen seemed to push back just as hard.  They didn't want to send me.  Their answer was to insert a feeding tube and then send me home and then just have me come back in for more tests.  In my head this sounded just ridiculous.  I couldn't understand why they would give me a feeding tube and then just send me on my way.  How was I going to live a normal life and get better with this thing in my nose.

But finally, my gallbladder doctor pulled through and got me transferred.  I got to Virginia Mason on Saturday (or maybe it was Sunday, man the days are running together) and of course the EMTs they sent to transfer me were super cute.

We drove over the 520 bridge to get to the city, it was great seeing the outside again.  Matt met my dad and me at the hospital where a swam of doctors decided what floor I would be assigned to and they started on my course of care.  See I became somewhat of a special case, I had this pooling of fluid around my kidneys and pancreas that was somewhat abnormal.  They needed to decide if they were going to act very aggressively or not as the next few days came along.  They decided to not be too aggressive.  They could have gone in with a scope and checked things out, they could have gone in with a big ol needle to test the fluid, but inside they decided to wait and see how I did on my own.

I was given a feeding tube, since at this point I was lacking in nutrition and they wanted my body to try and start healing itself.  Getting the feeding tube has to be the very worst thing ever that you have to do.  It hurts so bad.  It's so uncomfortable.  It's so awkward.  But they started the feedings soon after it was installed and I started feeling better.  After 24 hours of having the feeding tube, they decided to let me have clear fluids.  I did well tolerating those too.

Soon I was only on the feeding tube for night feeds and during the day, I was responsible for feeding myself.  It's hard to eat when you have something lodged in your throat.  It's hard to remember that you have a tube in the way when you are trying to eat also.  But I am trying.  And that is what counts.

Nights have been really hard.  The pain meds have caused me to have severe anxiety at night, so now I have opted for anti anxiety meds at night instead of pain meds and last night, I actually slept for the first night in about a week.  My dad left on Wednesday too, and I miss having him here with his encouragement and support, but the hardest part is not seeing my kids.  I try to skype, facetime and call them through out the day, but it's hard and I usually end up crying.  They come for a little bit in the evenings too after Matt gets home from work, but it's usually late so they are about ready for bed and get really restless.

So in the long run, I am doing better.  It will take a while to be back to 100% and I will basically have to relearn to eat, completely low fat, no alcohol, probably less coffee.  But these are things I am willing to do so that I can get better, get home to my kids and back to my life.  I am bored.  I am lonely, I am just read.  14 days is too many days in the hospital....(to be continued).

Washi Tape Easter Egg Magnets

There isn't much that I love more than when Spring starts to arrive.  Flowers and trees start to bloom, the sun comes out and everything becomes colorful again.

While digging around in my supplies the other day, I decided I wanted to make some fun magnets to brighten up our fridge and Lucy's magnet board.  So I went over to my washi tape board and picked out a bunch of fun bright colors, which included some fun patterns from Artsyville.  Then I taped them onto plain white paper.

Then I took these glass pieces and traced them over the washi tape so that I knew where to cut.  I could have just done this with my Silhouette, but because I didn't plan on it before, I had all these white gaps between the tape and I didn't want any of that on my eggs.  So instead I did it the old fashion way, I used ::gasp:: SCISSORS.

And as you can see here, I cut them out. 

I used Mod Podge to glue the paper to the glass and then I hot glued the magnets to the backs.  In hindsight, I should have used stronger glue because once Dexter got ahold of these he ripped off the backs.  

And now I have these fun bright colored magnets!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Silve Rimmed Hurricane Easter Decorations; A guest post

You might all recognize my friend Ashley from My Craftily Ever After and she's here today to help me out while I am dealing with this ridiculousness at the hospital!  I can't wait to see what she has to show us today!

button copy
As part of the DecoArt Blogger Program, I received product for this posts; but all projects, pictures and opinions are my own.

Hello! My name is Ashley and I blog over at My Craftily Ever After. I share a combination of recipes, easy crafts and knock offs! I also co-host a link party on Tuesdays and I would love for you to share your projects with me! I was so excited when Randi asked if I would come over here and share a project while she was recovering from the horrors of a hospital stay!

easter decor - silver rimmed pottery barn knock off hurricanes
So I saw these glass hurricanes when I was looking for decor items not too long ago and I realized that I STILL have a bagillion plain glass vases from our wedding all those years ago. I used some of the short ones to make waterscape candle holders for our bathroom not that long ago, and so this time I busted out some of the tall ones.
  silver rimmed hurricanes
 I started off by taping off the top and bottom edges of the vases with some washi tape. I only used washi tape because we were out of blue painters tape and I was too lazy to go to the store. I then painted on a thick coat of DecoArt's "Shimmering Silver" and set them aside to dry.
  creating a silver rimmed hurricane Once they were most of the way dry I peeled off the tape and let them dry the rest of the way. After about an hour they were ready. The ones in the catalog are a wintery Christmas theme, but since I didn't do this project 4 months ago and it is now spring, I went with an Easter theme. I had some Reindeer grass and glittery eggs from the dollar store and I put some of each in the hurricanes. I really like the simple addition of the metallic rim on these hurricanes and I definitely like the $2 price tag for decorating them. I have them on my built in shelves in our living room, but I'm not done decorating them so you'll just have to wait to see them there! collagesilver rimmed easter hurricanes