Sunday, October 25, 2015

This Week's Menu

So I made it through Girl Scout camp.  It was rough, I will tell you.  It was cold, I wasn't prepared for camp.  I mean, I guess I never am.  I never really know what to expect, but that is the issue I have with not camping often.

But I made it.

I feel confident that I can camp with my Girl Scouts now, but it doesn't mean that the act of camping won't be daunting for me.

But I'll do it.

For the girls.

For me.

For sake of humanity.

This week's menu?  It'll be pretty simple as I know I am going to be tired...

Monday - left over Italian sausage soup
Tuesday - slow cooker pork carnitas (the ones I made last week were AMAZING, but I started them too early so they got really dried out by the time we actually sat down to eat)
Wednesday - chicken fingers and sweet potato fries
Thursday - sloppy joes 
Friday - chocolate chili
Saturday - going to a friend's for a Halloween party
Sunday - going out for dinner

Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Week's Menu

A funny thing happens today...I turn a year older.

Happy birthday to me!

In honor of my birthday, I am trying to menu plan again so I can get back on the "eating better" bandwagon!  I've got a good motivation these days...I've been hitting the gym two days a week for the last month and since hitting the gym, I have been wanting to eat better, but really, since I have been spending so much time KonMari-ing my house, I haven't had time or focus to deal with menu planning also. But now I feel I have a better grasp on things clutter-wise here at the home front, so I have a minute to figure out my food.

That, and as part of my gym agreement with my friend who is going with me, I am supposed to make a menu for her and me and she makes out up or workouts.  The pressure is on for me now.

So here you go!

Monday - stuffed squash
Tuesday - pork carnitas
Wednesday - Italian sausage soup
Thursday - chicken fingers and sweet potato fries
Friday/Saturday - I am camping for a Girl Scout training
Sunday - eating out!

Friday, October 16, 2015

You've been BOOED!

It's been yearly tradition now that we get booed for Halloween.  A sneaky friend will drop something on our door step with a cute little note encouraging us to "boo" someone else!

Our kids love it so much, I decided to just make up my own flyer and send them off to our own friends this year starting the domino effect of kids getting little "boo bags" and sending their parents out on a wild goose chase to get a little gift!

So go ahead and download your own free flyer and "boo" a couple of friends!