Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wood bead jewelry

When I picked up this box of wooden beads for Lucy a few years ago, I had never expected me to love them as much as I do.  I mean, sure, Lucy likes them and makes cute things with them from time to time, but me...well I just adore them.  So much so that I haven't wanted to use any until I find the most perfect of projects.

But, that is how it goes with so many of my supplies.  I find something I can't live without and then I am too terrified of messing up the project so I won't actually do anything with it.  This time however, I decided to stop being ridiculous and just make something.  

It started first with Lucy, she wanted to make me a necklace for my birthday.  And I don't know about you, but I think she did an AMAZING job!

She said that she wanted to make me a nice necklace that was a pattern, so these beads are big, small, big, small.  And the best matches EVERYTHING!

Then, I wanted to play around with them, so I made this one, which Lucy then declared as her own.

And because I do enjoy wearing earrings that match my necklaces, I made these.  However, if you can see, none of them match.  I love that these beads are so versatile that the color of the beads don't have to match in order for them to make a pair.  I think that because they don't  match, they are even more fun!  Plus, with four of them, you can change them up in all different kinds of ways!

And then I made these ones which are slightly longer than the other four.  And to be completely honest with you guys, I mean, we can be honest with each other right?  The original plan was to have the two small earrings and one of these long ones all on ONE earring.  However, when they were all put together, they didn't lay right and I didn't like how they looked, so I just made them all individual sets.

I can't wait to make more necklaces and earrings in all different patterns and ways!  I might need to find another box of these beads too! **update** I wasn't able to find an exact set of the beads I used, but here is a SMOKIN' deal on some wooden beads...and it's an affiliate link because if you buy off my link then I will make an extremely small commission off it, please help support my blog and buy off the link!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awesome Things Tuesday


Before we get started with the party, I wanted to offer you guys ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

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Welcome back to another week of Awesome Things Tuesday! This week's features are all about everything I love about fall. Halloween, comfort foods, spooky decor...let me just say we have some really awesome features today, is one of them yours?

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This week's features!

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Dee's Pick - Halloween Shadow Box from My Paper Craze
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Danielle's Pick - Fall Subway Art Pumpkin from Canary Street Crafts
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And the most clicked link from last week...

Bone Appetit from Crafty Journal
Bone Appetit Napkin Ring by Crafty Journal

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Awesome Things Tuesday
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sentimental wooden picture frame

Back in 2013, I took an epic road trip with my kids, from Seattle, to Fort Collins, Colorado to Las Vegas and then back to Seattle.  We were traveling for about 17 days and in that time my car died (in Fort Collins) and I had to buy a new one, we "broke in" my best friend to having kids in her house so she was prepared to have her own, and we just had a great time.  Some people think I am crazy for traveling in the car with my two small kids for that long, but really, my kids do so fabulously well in the car, and they also love to travel, so it wasn't bad at all!

While we were in Fort Collins, my best friend (and she is quite possibly my bestest friend in all the land) took us out hiking...often.  I know how overwhelming it can be hosting guests, and then add two small kids to that guest when you aren't used to having small children around...I'd keep them out and do my best to wear them out too!  And that is precisely what happened, every day, we went out and did something and by the end of the day, the kids and I were so exhausted we couldn't stand up straight.  On one of our hikes, we collected sticks along the way, Lucy thought this was the best!

And I liked that they were collecting sticks because I knew I wanted to make a frame to remember our trip by.  It's not often I get to Colorado to see my friend, and now that she has a baby of her own, I am sure it will be quite some time before she comes to visit me.  But the best part about having a Bestest Friend of All Time, is that you don't have to see each other often to still be besties.  You don't have have to talk all the time either.  

I spray painted the frame blue using Krylon's Bahama Sea

And as it was drying, I thought about the evolution of our friendship while hot gluing the sticks down.

Christina and I met in 7th grade and we hated each other...I don't remember why.  We were complete opposites, I was loud and obnoxious and she was quiet and timid.  Her mom also didn't like me for a while, again, because I was loud and because I wore the most hideous and darkest of make up too, I looked like a hoodlum that was up to no good, I don't blame her for not liking me.  

But as the years went on, Christina and I became good friends, then best friends, and then The Bestest of Friends of All Time.  I worked for her mom for a short period of time in high school and while she went off to college in Reno, I stayed in Las Vegas, but every time she came back to visit, she always had a home with me.  

Christina and I have been through so much together and share so many similar family issues that it's easy for us to support each other and be there just to listen when one of us needs to talk (which is usually me because it's really hard to get me to shut my mouth sometimes.  

And as a funny side story, I remember she called me once back about 6 years ago and told me she put me down as a reference for a job, she told me to please answer my phone when they called.  I am not sure how much help I was when they did call me...they asked about her character and I told them that she was one of the greatest people I knew and that she was true and loyal and that I couldn't imagine my life without her.  I also told them, that you could never play Scrabble with her because she is terribly competitive and we didn't talk for three weeks when we were 17 because she accused me of cheating while keeping score (mind you I wasn't and she was already winning by 80 points).  The recruiter just laughed and said it sounded like she was a great friend.  And she say the least.  

She also got that job.   

She is my dearest friend, and I miss her terribly, and I am so proud to call her my friend.  And I hope she will love this frame when she eventually gets it (since it will take me forever to actually mail it).

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