Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Awesome Things Tuesday

This summer is racing by and I've been keeping everyone in my house busy with lots of outings and fun activities!  I am so excited to see the projects that you guys have been working on!

Patriotic Pallets by Crafty Lumberjacks

Dyed Rice by Crafty Lumberjacks (I just love them)

American Decoupage Chairs by h20 Bungalow

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

This Week's Menu

We did it.  We went camping!

And guess what?  It wasn't awful.  It wasn't lame.  It wasn't dreadful.

I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting when it came to camping, but I hadn't been camping in years.  And when I say years, I mean like at least 10.  And a lot has changed in 10 years.  I've been super nervous about camping with the small kids and I am not sure why.

It went great!

The most challenging part was food.  We still don't have much in the ways of camping supplies so we didn't pack any food aside from snacks.  The sucky part about eating out over the weekend was because I am still doing Whole 30 (affiliate link) and eating out is challenging.  But I stayed true and did not "cheat."

A few highlights of our camping trip was seeing whales while we were on the ferry boat!  And then we saw a million deer and fish and I saw a bald eagle swoop down onto the lake to get a fish!  It was amazing!!!  To see more from our trip, make sure to check me out on Instagram!

And for this week's menu, I went through and grabbed a few more Whole 30 recipes!  I have been feeling great since I started and aside from being a bit tired I feel great!  I pretty sure I am tired because I have been going to boot camp at 5:30 in the morning, which has also been going pretty well.  I went three times last week including my introduction class and on top of boot camp, I went walking with my morning group for 2.5 miles too.  So I think I am doing pretty well.

And here is what we are eating:

Monday - chicken thighs with apple and brussels sprouts
Wednesday - balsamic glazed steak rolls with sweet potato fries
Thursday - these lime chicken tacos again because they were so tasty last week!
Friday - kung pao chicken since I didn't make it last week
Saturday - going to a BBQ at a friends
Sunday - BBQ pork ribs with grilled veggies

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Upcycled Washi Tape holder

I love myself a good thrift store find, so when I found this paper towel holder, I couldn't pass it up!  I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it when I saw it, I just knew that I needed to have it! Things like that ever happen to you? No?  Just me?

I did a quick sanding job on it to get the shine off.

After is was sanded, I wiped it down and then spray painted it blue.  I figured that with my white peg board it would pop!

And if you ask me, it does!  I kept the dowel for the paper towel on there and just added some washi tape to it!  It ends up working really well for my set up here!

See below for more washi tape projects!