Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday

Good morning!  Today I would like to introduce to you, what I like to call, Music Monday.  Each Monday I will try to post a list of a few songs that Lucy and I are totally into at the time, and maybe also what gets #2 moving around inside the little cocoon.  I will break them down into the songs that Lucy and I listen in the car together and what songs I listen to on my own when she is not with me.  Because let's face it, we all love singing Ol' McDonald had a Farm a million times, but on our own time, we need to set our radios free and put on grown up music [which I will also openly admit that I have listened to the Disney station on Pandora when I am the only person in the car].

For today, my list will be a little longer than it normally will be, only because I have been collecting songs to post here for a few weeks now.

Lucy's songs
(there won't be any artists listed usually because so many people sing these songs)
Apples and Bananas--My dad used to sing this song to my brother and I growing up.  It tickles my heart when Lucy starts singing it, because really, you don't know what your parents put into parenting until you are a parent yourself.  And it's sad it takes that long to really appreciate your upbringing, but here we are, I am almost 30 with my daughter singing songs that my dad sang to me.  ::love::

Say Hey (I Love You)--This song is from the soundtrack of Ramona and Beezus which Lucy LOVES!  I am pretty sure when it was OnDemand on cable we watched it three times in one day.  I am not proud of this, however I am sure I was just really busy [playing on the computer] that day and she needed to be entertained.  It happens.

Drivin' in My Car--Even I love this song.  Lucy and I will sing it whether it's playing or not.  And we have a lot of fun with it.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight--She loves this song...not sure why, because we don't watch a lot of Lion King around here, but she loves it, so I go with it.

Itsy Bitsy Sider - O.A.R--The only reason I am listing this song is because it's done by O.A.R.  I love them.  And I love that a grown up band took the time out to sing kids songs.  Plus they make this one not so boring, which is always a plus.

My songs  
Pink - Fuckin' Perfect--yes there is a swear word in this title, ::gasp:: but whatever!  We are all adults, we can learn to deal.  And quite frankly, Pink is awesome so who cares.  There is a radio safe version of this song, but when I am alone in my car, I sometimes want to yell out words I can't with little ears around.

Bruno Mars - Marry You--Really anything by Bruno Mars will do for me.  I really like the sound of his voice.

Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over--I didn't get this song when I first listened to it.  I didn't even like it, but the second time it came on, I started to tap my foot, the third time, I turned the volume up a bit, and now, it's on my favorite's list.

Lesley Roy - Dead But Breathing--I am a huge fan of chick music.  I swoon over a a strong raspy women belting out lyrics.  And this chick, she as just that.  If you are looking for a Christmas present for me, a GC to iTunes for her album would be just the ticket  :)

The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved--I go back and forth if I like this song.  Today I like it, tomorrow it might grate on my nerves, but either way, I am all for some emo music here and there.

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