Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some days are harder than others

For the most part, it's just Lucy and me during the day.  And on normal days, we have fun.  We sing songs, we play games, we go to swim class, we do stuff.  On not so normal days, we drive each other crazy.  Lucy asks me 400 times a day, and usually right after another, where her daddy is.  Sometimes she will start her sentence with "my daddy is at work" and THEN will ask me where her daddy is.  She climbs all over me, won't eat breakfast, lunch, or snacks, and then will immediately ask me for food.  We will act badly if we go to the store.  And if I try to do my chores, she will follow right behind me making a mess, and not just any mess, a mess 10 times bigger than the one I just cleaned up.

On days like this I want to crawl into a hole and just disappear for the day.  And yesterday was one of those days.  I KNEW she was tired, but do you think she would nap?  Nope!  Would she sit and watch a movie on the iPad?  Hell no!  So I did what any desperate mother would do, and I downed a bottle of wine.  Har har, no I didn't, but if I wasn't pregnant I probably would have.  What we did instead was hopped in the car and headed over to Child's Play, which is a indoor play place that charges a monthly fee for you to come and let your kids run wild.

What I love about Child's Play is that it's indoors, this is important in Vegas because it's stupid crazy hot here in the summer.  I also love it because they have couches for the parents.  Your kids can go run and play and make a mess, and the parents can drink free coffee and read books, or watch the news, or simply breath a sigh of relief that your kid is not climbing all over you driving you banana sandwich.

The down side to CP, is that it's $28 a month so if you don't get there, you still have to pay.  It is kinda far from my house, however, terribly close to my dr's office.  If I could drop her off, go to my appointment, and then come back for her it would be great, but you have to stay on property as the parent.

The plus?  On days like yesterday, I am able to pack up some snacks, head to the CP let Lucy run off every last bit of energy she has while I recoup my bearings and wind down.  We needed the break from each other yesterday more than I though we did, and when the day was over, and we went home, we both were happier and refreshed.  For that simple break, I would have paid much more than the $28 that we did for September.

The price of sanity is very hard to put a tag on.

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