Tuesday, October 25, 2011

12 more weeks...

Things get real in this house in 12 weeks.  I mean really real.  There will be another little person living here.  I am very super excited, and I might have mentioned this before that Matt and I had a tremendously difficult time getting pregnant with this baby, but that aside, it actually happened.  I also might have mentioned, that if the issues that we had having this baby continue after this one is here, he will probably be our last child.  What is great about him being a him, is that now, after knowing he is probably our last, we will have the full rounded experience as parents.  We will get to know what it is like to shop for a wedding gown, and a tuxedo (and quite possibly not for the perspective child).  We will know what it is like to teach a girl to sit and pee, and a boy to stand and not get it on the walls.  We will have various tribulations with each child due to their gender but each will also give us so much adventure, enjoyment, and laughter for the same reasons.

People will ask me how far along I am, and I simply answer "26 weeks."  The same people will then give me a blank stare and ask me how many months that is, to which I have to do the mental math and figure out that it is about 6.5 months along.  Saying you are 6.5 months along when you have almost 10 to get through does not sounds like a lot, but the second I say I have only 12 more weeks left to go, shit gets real.  12 weeks.  That is one quarter of a year, it is also how long I would have on maternity leave for FMLA if I still worked.

But 12 weeks is not that long.  I keep thinking of everything I have to accomplish before he gets here, like I have to finish the dresser in the garage that I have only just started on (and by start I mean I took the drawers out and took the handles off, that is it) and I have to actually unpack the rest of the baby stuff that we saved from Lucy.  One of my best friends is throwing me a shower in January (actually 12 days before my surgery date) and I still have to register for it (she told me to and I listen to orders).  I have to wash everything we have already bought for him, I have to put it away.  I have to keep Lucy from undoing everything I have done since I think she is trying to commandeer that room as her very own playroom.  I also have to teach Lucy that shoving marbles into the baby's mouth when it's "hungry" is not appropriate.

I have 4 scrapbooks to (start) and finish, a room to complete, laundry to do, purchases to make, and also a little baby to finish cooking.  But I have 12 weeks.

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