Monday, October 24, 2011

Command Center Part 1

I am a huge fan of Pinterest right now.  Huge.  As in I spend probably an hour before I go to bed pinning stuff.  I need meetings I swear.  When I first starting pinning, I found this blog that the lady had created a menu board, and a kitchen command center, as she called it.  Well the minute I saw it, I had to have my own.  I didn't see her "how to" part of her blog until long after I got in my head what I wanted to do, so mine is really only similar to the original, but whatever, I don't care.

I went out to Saver's and Goodwill until I found frames I thought were suitable to my liking.  I also found out that if you make a donation at Saver's the same day you are shopping, you get a 10% off coupon.  Fortunately I was making a donation that day, so I got a coupon.  I bought these four frames for about $18 (I only used the large one for the menu board, the other three are for other projects).  Then I primed them and painted them.

I started with trying to do some color matching, but I didn't have quite the right blues in my scrapbooking paper.  In an attempt to not make another trip to Michael's I just used some aqua chalking I had laying around and used it to accent a lot of the blue paper.  It really tied everything together.

I also used some letter stickers that I had, and the damn pack had blue letters in EVERY letter, accept F.  So I decided then and there that Fridays will now be our designated going out day.  It just made sense. 

These are the clothes pins that I "distressed" with stamping ink (that was in the dollar bins at Michael's I might add).  I had a lot of fun with that part.  I don't know why, but I really really liked how this part came out.  

I picked up some quilting squares at Jo-Ann's for about a $1.50 each and decided on the darker brown for this board.  The "menu" sign and the S-S strip are actually under the glass.  I hot glued the clothes pins to the top of the glass and scrapbook taped the little envelopes.  The little envelopes and cards are from Martha Stewart that I picked up at Michael's to do a different project, but they worked really well for this one too.  I just chalked one side all brown and the other side all blue.  Eventually when I get dinners written on them all, I will have similar dinners written on either side.  For instance, the one that says spaghetti will have baked ziti written on the other side.  This is so we don't have two alike dinners during the week, as well as, making me switch it up a bit, and we won't have spaghetti two weeks in a row.  

I do plan on using a different color paper for the "new" meals so that Matt knows they aren't the norm.  Since it is in glass too, I am able to use dry erase markers on it to make notes (hence the 'pizza').  I figure that on that clothes pin I will attach whatever dinner coupon I have for that night.

The only comment Matt made about it was that there isn't a place for breakfast and lunch.  This is easily solved by the dry erase markers because I can just make notes under the cards that will easily wipe away for the next week. 

I am super proud of this board, and I am hoping that it will help keep us (me) on track and cooking at home.  We have been eating out way to much lately and it's all due to my laziness (actually my pregnancy makes me extra lazy, just sayin).  So if you would like to comment with some of your favorite dinners, please do, the only dinners I actually have written down right now are the ones you see haha.

Total cost for this entire project is estimated at less than $18.  

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