Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Birthday Box

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I was going to hand craft birthday cards for all my loved ones.  This worked for a little while, and then we moved, and I couldn't find my birthday list.  And then when I found my birthday list, I hadn't unpacked all my scrapbooking stuff so I couldn't make the cards, AND THEN, I was three months behind.  I missed some birthdays, I forgot to send out cards, and I flat out got lazy (or rather pregnant) and didn't feel like making cards anymore.

My cards became an "as needed" basis.  I would scramble before leaving to a birthday party, I would scramble realizing that an out of state friend's birthday was tomorrow.  I had originally tried to make folders with my birthday lists on them by month, but I couldn't figure out how to store them efficiently.  I wouldn't remember where I put them, they would get mixed up with my scrapbooking stuff and then a month late I would find it.  I was disorganized.

Then, about three weeks ago, on one of Lucy and my Hobby Lobby adventures, I found some boxes.  I can only describe them as recipe boxes, but they came with little file folders in them.  They were cute, they had flowers on them, and they were perfect to hold all my cards.  For $2 a box I bought all three that were left on the clearance shelf, knowing that I would use one for my cards, I would send one to my fellow scrapbooking friend in AZ, and the third, well, the you can never have to many super cute, super cheap crafting boxes.

Today I labeled my tabs on the folders, and on the inside of each folder I listed my loved ones birthdays.  I collected the cards that I had already made and filed them in the folders.  I am now able to see all whole year in one shot, not lose and entire month, and as I scrapbook my cards, I can file them away where they belong.  I even had extra slots for "thinking of you" "just because" "sympathy" and "everything else" cards.  I am super excited about my new organization skills, and I am hoping that between now and the end of the year, I won't miss anymore birthdays.  I am also going to plan a card making day and invite all my friends to come scrap with me so I can make all my cards for the following year.

And now enjoy the before and after pictures of my card organization visions...

This is the before.  They were 8.5X11 mailing envelopes
And here is my new and improved file box.  Isn't it cute?? 

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