Monday, October 31, 2011

Today I did something I have been wanting to do forever

Lucy and I took a much needed trip to the grocery store today.  We bought stuff for this weeks menu, and when we got home, we updated the menu board appropriately (I will post a picture later in case you are looking for ideas).

Now my biggest struggle with my menu planning is, I will write a huge list of everything I need, go to the store and buy everything I need, and then on that I need these ingredients, I get lazy.  I never want to cut a million potatoes, or chop up onions.  I hate the prep work behind cooking.  For no reason either.  I always tell myself that when I get home from the store I will prep all my weeks food so that it's ready for us.  I have been telling myself this for years, and I just never do it.

Well my friends, today, I did.  We got home from the store, and I cut up bell peppers, broccoli, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries, mangos, and my favorite, pomegranates.  Pomegranates are probably my most favorite fruit and I will tell you that every time I eat one, it takes me back to my childhood days when we used to pick them from the trees and eat them in our tree house.

The only problem with pomegranates is that they stain just about everything they touch, so of couse, I was wearing a white shirt today, didn't think twice, and now it looks like I have been stabbed.  I am hoping to get my shirt in the wash before the stains set, but either way, it was worth it.  I can't wait to eat our fruit salad.

So now I have a fully prepped fridge full of chopped up everything.  I have a salad waiting for dinner tonight, an onion and cucumber salad for lunch for me, and zucchini cut up for snacks.  I am so proud of myself.  It only too me until I was 30 to become an adult.  

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  1. I am still waiting for that to happen in my house. I've kind of gotten some adult tendencies down, but overall I have no idea what I'm doing.


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