Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We had a great day!

This afternoon we spent the day at Child's Play which is an indoor play place.  It's not very close to our house, but it's nice that we can go there and meet up with friends.  Lucy has the best time.  We actually spent about 5 hours there today, which has been our record.  It's only 6pm now and Lucy is ready to crash, which I think is funny because she keeps telling me that she isn't tired.

Lucy and I, or rather just I, have a very neat project that we are going to work on tomorrow.  I am going to name these my "Mommy boxes" and hopefully they will turn out as well as I envision them.  If they do, I might give them to my friends for Christmas presents.  If they don't, well then you all are getting coal.

Also, Lucy has been pretty obsessed with her bones lately.  When we had our car accident a few months ago, she had to get an XRAY of her pelvic bone and she thought it was the coolest thing.  I recently bought a new floor cleaner, and the box it came in is actually perfect Lucy size.  I am thinking about spray painting it with black chalk board paint and then using chalk to draw on her bones.  If all goes well with this, and if I can get it done by Friday, Lucy just might end up being an XRAY machine for Halloween instead of a princess, which will make me happy because I think an XRAY machine is WAAAAAY cooler than a princess, just sayin'.

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