Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Now that the semi craziness of Thanksgiving, I can sit back and reflect on it.  We hosted here at the Sowders house, and even though I am almost 8 months pregnant and tired and cranky and sore most the time, I still pulled it off.  I cooked two turkeys, homemade in the bird stuffing, mashed potatoes, a pumpkin roll, pigs in a blanket and a cheese ball.  The rest of the dishes came from our family that came by.

Did I get pictures of the spread?  Of course not.  I was to busy running around cooking I completely forgot to take pictures.  This upsets me for various reasons.  One, I am a huge scrapbooker so now I have no photographic evidence of my dinner's awesomeness and two, of the turkeys I make was picture perfect.  I mean seriously, it could have been on the cover of a magazine.  And what is funny, is the super super pretty turkey was the dry one, and the one that I soaked in a brown sugar orange peel brine for 48 hours was the most juiciest and mouth watering turkey I have ever had.  It really was awesome.  I am completely excited that I bought a third turkey to cook in December just for our regular meals, because I am totally going to brine it like I did this one.  It.was.amazing.

Matt made the mistake this year of saying he would go Black Friday shopping with me.  We started at Gamestop at 10pm and after waiting 2 hours in the shortest line ever, we were out of that store in 10 minutes, because while we were waiting, a guy that worked there came out and wrote down what everyone wanted so when we got up to the register, all he had to do was ring us up.  AMAZING!  We then decided we would challenge the mall, but it was far to busy for our liking.  So we left and went to Target.  We picked up our Christmas jammies and a few more things for Lucy and again, we had luck, we were in and out of Target in less than an hour, which is actually a record for me in general because I like to look when I go to Target and am usually there for more than an hour just walking around.

Next came the only store I was actually interested in going to and that was Michael's.  I thought they opened at 4am, so Matt and I drove over from Target.  It was only 2:30 when we got there, so instead of going home, we decided to nap in the car until they opened.  They did not infact open at 4am.  At 4 when we were wondering why they weren't open, we drove up to the door to find out they didn't open until 6.  So then we drove home where we napped for a an hour.  We went back to Michael's and I was able to get the super great deal on Cricut cartridges that I was looking for.

We were back home by 6:30am and we slept until 11:30.  I then proceeded to take several naps throughout the day.  It was bliss!

I am now something like 31 weeks pregnant.  That gives me only 8 short weeks until Dexter is here.

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