Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving, and a mild heart attack

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am hosting this year.  I like hosting because I get to pull out all my pretty serving dishes and use them.  That doesn't happen often.

We don't use fancy plates and silverware though, just paper and plastic which also helps save clean up time.  However, at each function I host I am always unsure where to put my plasticware.  It never fails that when I use the plastic cups, one gets knocked over and spoons go flying all over the kitchen.  Well no longer my friends, no longer.

I went to Lowe's and bought some flower pots and over the past two days I turned this, into this

While I putting the words on to the flower pots, Lucy was busy playing with her beads that I got for her to make a necklace.  Half way through "knives" she very politely said "mommy, please help me."  I turned to her and she had half a purple bead sticking out of her nose.  When I pulled that one out, she said "mommy, this one too" and I looked and halfway up her other nostril, was an orange bead.  I freaked out.  This is one of my biggest fears as a mom, being "that" mom in the ER.  Well I had my tweezers handy (thankfully) and I tried to get the bead out.  After three failed attempts, I was finally successful.  I kept surprisingly calm although inside I was panicking.  When I was done, Lucy said "Thank you mommy, dese don't go in my nose anymore."  To which I said "no baby, the only thing that is allowed in your nose is your finger okay?" "Okay," she said.  

Now a better mom would have first grabbed her camera to take a picture, but alas I was unable to think rationally while I was trying to keep the bead from attacking her brain.  

So all in all it was a successful night.  I have super cute utensil holders for every event I have, and my kid no longer has a foreign object stuck in her nose and is fully aware now, that only fingers are allowed up there.  

Project details:
Three pots $.97 each
Three trays $.76 each
Paint on clearance at Lowe's $3
Gorilla Glue $3.97
Letters from my scrapbooking inventory.

I simply painted the pots with the paint, it's a satin finish.  Then I glued them to the trays.  I used rub on letters to put the words on, and eventually when I can find my modge podge I will put a quick coat over the letters so they won't come off.  

Simple as that!

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