Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'That' mom

I would love to be 'that' mom, the one that is up before her family to make breakfast, start the coffee, and have four loads of laundry done by the time that daddy get up and gets ready for work.  The one that after daddy goes to work, reads and writes with her kids, doesn't turn the TV on until it's time to clean the kitchen.  The one that makes a full happy lunch that includes some sort of sandwich, fruit and yogurt, washed down with milk.  The mom that in the afternoon does all kinds of crafty things with the kids, a walk to the nearest park for a play date, and then back in time to get dinner started and on the table by 6ish when daddy gets home from work. 'That' mom, that not only has kids with brushed hair but the one that looks like she actually spent more than 5 seconds throwing her own into a pony tail.

Instead, I am the mom that stays up until 11:30pm playing on the computer, and then sleeps in until Lucy wakes up at 8ish in the morning.  Then we both hang out in bed for at least an hour while she plays games on the iPad and I play games on my laptop.  We then shower, fight to get dressed, I throw my hair in a messy ponytail, and just hope that my clothes are on straight.  We eat cereal for breakfast, watch some TV, and maybe, once or twice a week, a load of laundry gets done.  Lunch is usually some frozen meal or reheated something and dinner is never done before 7.

I blame my lack of focus and energy on the fact that 90% of my body is building another human.  I think as we speak Dex is growing eyelashes (which take a lot of fuel) and maybe a pancreas or two.  Or is it kidneys he needs two of and just one pancreas.  Either way, organs are hard to make.  Was I this tired with Lucy?  I think I was, but since I wasn't chasing around a toddler when I was pregnant with her I can't say.  Plus, I worked when I was pregnant with her.  I sat on my butt for 9 hours a day, and only had to do chores two days a week and with that, Matt helped.  We were only two then, and two adults make a lot less mess than two adults and one three year old.

After having this baby, moving will be easier since I won't have an additional foot of belly in front of me kicking back every time I bump against something.  I will be able to reach the back of the stove again, and simple tasks such as walking to the mail box won't be such a tiring event.  I don't think I want to be Mrs. Cleaver, but maybe a cooler more awesome version.  I would like to get up earlier and make breakfast and get some chores started/done before everyone wakes up, mainly so I have more time to craft during the day.  But I am in the home stretch.  I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and only have 7 weeks left until I am no longer building another person.

Then maybe I could start working on being 'that' mom.  Maybe.

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