Wednesday, December 28, 2011

36 weeks, 22 days left

Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant.  I will have 21 days left of being pregnant.  I can't wait to start counting the hours, I want to meet this kid already.

At my doctors appointment today, we got our last ultrasound.  Our doctor said that he was a fine looking kid and his heart rate was good and strong.  We also asked him to check again and make *sure* that he was in fact a boy.  He found his baby bits and said (and I quote) "Here are his parts, yea, those are subtle."  I started laughing so hard he had to wait to finish the ultrasound because my belly was shaking so much.  

According to the baby's measurements, he is approximately 7lbs 9oz, which is only 5oz lighter than Lucy was when she was born at 41 weeks.  My doctor said that according to his numbers, I am measuring somewhere around 39-40 weeks along, which is three weeks ahead of where I actually am.  However, my fluid levels are great and so per the doc, he is just a big fish in a big pond.  I am assuming because he is already so large this is why I am so tired all the time.  

A lot is coming up in the next few weeks before he gets here though, there is New Years, our anniversary, our baby shower, and Matt is hosting a brewing class for his co-workers.  And then, it's baby time.  

Tomorrow I am going to do a "A Day in the Life of" post where Lucy and I will take pictures of everything we do, and add some small snippet of what we did.  It should be interesting considering I have to clean our house up from the holidays and I am afraid you all are going to judge me and my messy house.  

I am also working on our Christmas/holiday craziness post and that should be up this weekend, pictures included.  

For now I leave you a picture of my huge baby belly, and a close up of Lucy who is super excited that she gets a brother soon.  

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