Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas presents in the making

My tutorial for the project I mentioned before is still in the works.  I started working on a few other things in the mean time, and since what I am working on are Christmas presents, they take precedence over the "fun" stuff.

I have been having a great time making the gifts.  I might just have to do this every year!  However, I am not sure how I will come up with so many different ideas.  Not only have these DIY projects been fun, they also have helped save us a TON on gifts.  With me staying at home now, our budget of course is much different than it's been in the past, but that is ok, because I think these gifts are far more awesome than anything I could have found in a store.

What I spent the majority of my day on today were these necklaces.  Obviously, the ones with the names are for those specific people, which also happen to be my nieces.  And the other ones are for other people.  I cannot mention who they are for because I am not sure if those people read my blog or not, but regardless I am posting the pictures  :)

I also will add only because I have had so many requests since I started posting pictures, that if you would like to order some of these as gifts for Christmas, please comment or catch me on Facebook, I am selling them for $5 each.

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