Thursday, December 29, 2011

A day in the life of Randi and Lucy

Originally I woke up this morning at 4:30am having to go to the bathroom, and when I came out, Lucy was standing next to my bed with her pillow.  It scared the living hell out of me because I can't see crap without my glasses or contacts and I had neither.  So I told her to hop up in bed and between her and Matt I had about 6 inches to sleep on.  I then work up again at 7:46, and I documented that.  But after another trip to the bathroom, I decided I just wasn't going to wake up, so I went back to sleep.  My lazy ass woke up again at 8:51 and that is when I stayed awake, however Lucy, she slept until 9:46, which is way later than she normally sleeps, but she probably needed it.  And as you can see, Lucy took her half of the bed diagonally through it. 

Around the second time I woke up, it was due to my stupid dog barking for no apparent reason.  And she just wouldn't stop, so I had to get up and go downstairs to let her in.

When Lucy finally woke up, I told her I needed to take a picture of her, so she struck a pose and kept asking me to take more pictures.

We then went downstairs, still in our jamies, which really never happens, we always get showered and dressed first, but today I want to do a bunch of cleaning so I didn't want to shower before hand.  Lucy wanted cereal for breakfast and I had oatmeal, which boiled over in the microwave, bleh, so I had to wipe that up.  My oatmeal was not enough and I will probably be hungry early.

After breakfast, Lucy and I were totally lazy, we stayed in our jamies most the day and I didn't start working on the kitchen until about noon.  I am not proud of this, I was however very tired and lazy and had things to catch up on, on facebook ok?

Here is my before and after pics of my kitchen.  Remember, that with my before picture, we have had, Matt's graduation, my cookie swap and Christmas in the past two weeks.  I have not managed to keep up on the dishes, or cleaning since well, we have been running around like crazy with the holidays.  So just bare that in mind and try to keep judgement to a minimal :)

There also was a trip to Sam's Club in there for toiletries just two days ago that need to be put away.  

And here is the after.  I closed up the leaf in my table, cleared it off, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher,  wiped off the counters, and put all my baking stuff away.  I still have another load of dishes to do, and I need to find a place for my old coffee pot since I got a Tassimo for Christmas, but all in all, I am happy with the results.  Oh and I still need to clean the floors, and take out the trash.  

After the kitchen, Lucy and I took a much needed shower around 2pm.  And then we headed off to the bank.  Since Matt and my anniversary is coming up in a few short days we went to Dillards to try and get him some cologne, but bastards were out of the stuff he liked, so now I get to go on a wild goose chase to try and find the stuff he likes.  

We got back home just in time for my friend Desiree to come by for a quick visit.  Due to our schedules we haven't been able to see each other in about 7 months or so, and it was nice catching up for the quick time that we had. 

Matt got home from work around 6 and was in a great mood, which usually he is just in a good mood, but tonight he was in a great mood.  We sat down and had this delicious ham and green bean casserole for dinner.  The best part about the ham is that there are enough left overs for a few nights and breakfasts, PLUS I am making ham bone soup for new years.   
After dinner Matt, Lucy and I took a quick car trip back to Dillards so I could see if Matt loved a sweater I found while looking for his cologne, but we didn't buy it.  What we did buy, under the prompting of Matt which NEVER HAPPENS, was a cinnibon, which we all shared.


We left the mall and headed to Barnes & Noble where Lucy exclaimed that BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!  I picked up the four books below for myself, well actually, the Dr. Seuss space book is for Dex.  I then polished off some candy.  

Alas, it was time for bed, so I filled up my water jug, Matt put Lucy to bed, and I hopped on my computer to finish this post, play on facebook and maybe, just maybe spend a few hours on Pinterest.

So there you have it.  A day in the life of Randi.  Not to eventful, but still, a day nonetheless.

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