Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I will remind you, that my child is only 3

My Christmas post is coming I promise, however, I have a very funny story to share first.

Matt, Lucy and I had to stop for gas today.  Matt was awesome enough to pump, and while he was out there, Lucy kept kicking the back of my seat.  And this is the conversation that followed:

Me: Lucy, stop kicking my seat.
Lucy: no mommy, I like to
Me:  Do you want me to spank you?
Lucy:  you can't spank me mommy, you are up there and I am all the way back here.  You can't reach me.
Me:  Oh you don't think I can do you?
Lucy:  No, you aren't big enough.

And BAM.  My three year old called my bluff by using deduction.  I am in trouble.

**edited to clarify, I do not impulsively spank my child.  They are simply empty threats.**

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