Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A lesson I learned the hard way...

If anyone knows me, you know that my phone is apart of me; a small extension of whatever hand it is in at the time.  I text about 75 times a day, I have approx. 15 game of Words with Friends going on, at least two games of chess, 5 games of hanging with friends, and probably 3 constant Facebook chats going on.  If I am not doing one of those things listed above, I am checking my email 400,000 times a day or my regular facebook page.  I have about 9 audio books loaded in my phone and 5 playlists with about 100 songs each.  It is also how I make myself notes for my book, and without my phone I wouldn't be able to tell you how far along I am in my pregnancy, because, there is an app for that too.

I have a lot going on with my phone every day.

In February of this year, my phone crashed.  I was in the middle of writing a paragraph for my book (yes, I also can write my book on the go) and all of a sudden, the screen went black.  It just slowly faded to black, like a bad Metallica remake.  I wanted to cry.  And actually, I just might have.  I got home and tried to back up my phone and reinstall everything.  Even without a screen, I was able to back it up (thank baby Jesus).  So I made an appointment with the Apple store the next day, and took my phone in.

Then could not explain what was wrong, so they gave me a new one.  I reloaded it with my life, and went on my way.  A day later, it wouldn't stay on.  I would turn my phone on, and it would turn off and restart.  I played this game with it for 6 hours while I waited to get off work and back to the Apple store I went.  They gave me another new phone.

The next day, I went to put my phone on our stereo dock to listen to it on the surround sound and noticed the screen was cracked in half.  Right in half.  So BACK to the Apple store I went, where they gave me, yes, another phone.

This whole process took me about 2 weeks.  I finally got a phone that has stayed working, but the problem was, I had to start fresh.  I couldn't reload my phone with all my previous info because there was a corrupt file somewhere.  And I lost everything.  My audio books, my music, my contacts, and my pictures.  Fortunately, everything but my contacts had been backed up.  But my contacts what was the hardest to lose.  I have over 140 contacts in my phone.  Whether they are doctor's offices, places of business I use regularly, friends, family, or the pizza place, they were all gone.


And all I could do was email everyone I knew and facebook everyone on my friend's list and hope people would respond.  Fortunately most people did.  I got almost all of my contacts back, but I learned the hard way that I should have backed everything up in Google.  And this is the message I hope to pass along to all of you.  Once a month, back up your contacts in Google contacts.  It's connected to your gmail account so you can have emails, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays all listed in the same place.  You can even add a note like "this person hates the color blue" in there.  It's awesome.  Then, if your phone crashes, you can just reload everything.  If you are away from home, you can just look it up on another computer.  If you don't have a Google account then I don't know what to tell you because Google is awesome.

And so please everyone, back up all your crap in Google.  You just might thank me one day.

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