Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Monday

I haven't done a Music Monday in a while, and really today will be no different.  We haven't been really listening to much in the car these days and for the past three weeks Matt has been on vacation so we actually have been talking in the car.

However the days that we do actually listen to music, we have been listening to the Christmas music station on Pandora.

This post is very anti climatic and without much depth or info.  I apologize for this.

On a non Music Monday related topic, I have finished almost all the Christmas presents that I had planned.  I have only a couple more things that I will be working on next week, and then all will be done.  I am excited.

Also, Matt graduates this Saturday with his Master's degree.  I am very proud that he has made it this far in his education and I know I will be the proudest wife sitting in that audience watching him walk across the stage.

Baby related, I have 5 and half weeks left before this kid is here.  He is currently using my ribs as a launch pad trying to exit my womb.  I don't think he knows yet that I am having a planned c-section and that there is no point in trying to get a jump start on things.

And that is all I have for you on this Monday...or whatever is left of it!


  1. So I am trying to post again...Congrats to Matt and we are very excited about our new grandchild!

  2. So it worked........Interestingly enough I don't have much to say today!!!....But I am really looking forward to a grandson.....


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