Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cars are not toddler proof

My car has been clean 4 times in the 5 years I have owned it.  It was cleaned when we bought it.  I got it cleaned right before Lucy was born, I got it cleaned about a year ago when I noticed that Lucy had spilled juice in the back, and I had the car washed today.

I hate paying to get my car washed because I feel that it's something that I can do myself, and I have washed it myself.  But there is something about taking it to the car wash and having someone else clean it for you.

I also am ALWAYS terribly embarrassed when I take my car to get it cleaned because my car is usually always "Lucy-fied."  Today I took my car in and there was a whole soda that had been spilled in the back seat, old fries, a couple half eaten bagels, and probably a box of cherrios on the floor boards.  It was gross.  My car smelled and where it wasn't marked by Lucy, there was dust and dirt everywhere else.    I am pretty sure there was also a half spilled coffee in the front seat too.  And I know for a fact we brought half the San Diego beach back in our trunk from our Zoo trip this summer.

It took the guy 2 hours to clean it, and it cost me $60 to have my car detailed, and then I tipped him $10 too.  He shampoo'd the floorboards, the mats and the back seat.  Everything is cleaned, dust free, and he also vacuumed out the trunk.

I am back in love with my car and am so happy that when we bring Dexter home from the hospital he won't get made fun of by the other babies in the nursery.

And now I have a new goal.  Keep my car clean.

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