Friday, January 27, 2012

My birth story, Dexter style

With a planned c-section, there isn't much to a birth story.  I mean, you schedule your surgery, you make it to your appointment on time, you get a baby cut out of you and BAM! instant mommy.   But I feel compelled to write about our special day, because as for many of you January 20th was just a regular day, it was not so regular for us.  :)

Our appointment time to be at the hospital was 5:30am.  Of course I was so worked up about everything that I was up until about 1am playing Bejeweled on my phone.  I finally fell asleep but was up again at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep.  Our alarm went off at 4, and Matt jumped out of bed like he had been shot and ran to take a shower.  I had to stop him and ask if I could shower first.

I packed my last minute things in my bag, forgetting my toothbrush, and we went downstairs.  Now I was not allowed food past 11pm the night before, not like I would have been able to eat anything anyway due to the excitement, but Matt woke up hungry.  He made a cup of coffee and had a banana.  He was still hungry so after we left, he stopped at Roberto's and got a breakfast burrito.  It smelled amazing.

We got to the hospital and settled in right at 5:30.  They started all the pre-op stuff around 6.  At about 7:30am they wheeled us over to the operating room.  Things were so much more calm this time around than when I had my c-section with Lucy.  The anesthesiologist was nice and professional, not a jerk that was totally unprofessional.  The nurses were nice and supportive of everything going on.  They helped get me through the spinal, which sucked!

Finally, Matt was allowed back in, and they set him up with a chair next to me.  The meds really kicked in then and I felt like I couldn't stay awake.  But I stayed awake.  A few minutes later I felt this intense pressure on my chest as they were pushing the baby out.  I felt like I was drowning.  At 8:20, my doctor announced the birth, Dexter was pulled out and all I could hear was his screams.  The doctor held him up over the curtain and all I remember seeing was this purple looking baby with RED HAIR.  I couldn't believe it.

The nurse announced that he was 8lbs 12 oz and 20.5 inches long.  They announced that he was perfect.  And I would have to agree.

I got sewn up and wheeled back to recovery while Matt went off with Dexter to the NICU for testing.  I was able to get some sleep while I was waiting for my guys to come back.  And then around 9:30, my guys showed up and I was able to hold my baby for the first time.  He was amazing.

Lucy showed up around 10 with her grandparents and she was super excited to see and meet her new brother.  It was great being able to be together as a family of four for the first time.

My recovery was good.  The staff at our hospital was fabulous and helped out so much.  I had a much faster recovery with this surgery than I did with Lucy's, and as of today, a week later, I feel amazing.  I still have some pain, but the medicine I have helps that.  But I feel better each day and I can't wait to be at 100% so that I can get into a good routine with two kids.

My little man is super amazing.  I am so blessed to have him and Lucy.  On Wednesday, all four of us were sitting on the couches eating lunch, and I just sat and stared at my family and felt so blessed and so loved.  And you could see the love practically radiating from our living room.  (Have I made anyone sick yet from my sappiness?)


  1. ADORABLE!!!!! :D Thanks for posting your story, I have been dying to hear all about it! Cannot wait to meet your little man!! :)

  2. From the picture, I am convinced that Matt should have been a doctor..........

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. I too feel incredibly blessed. I'm so glad that you're family is so certainly deserve it! Congratulations!


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