Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nesting? I think not.

There is this thing called nesting in pregnant women, and the rumor is, right before you go into labor you get a burst of energy, and clean everything, including dusting light sockets, scrubbing down the fridge, and vacuuming the far depths of your closets that you normally never would (disclaimer, nesting "hits" all women differently, or so I hear).  I never got it with Lucy, but I forced myself to nest, which worked out ok because I always felt great with her.

I have been waiting for this urge this time as well.  I wake up and think, maybe today will be the day that I will clean everything, and have a spotless house, and then I can bring Dexter home, because as we all know, a newborn will immediately reject the house you bring them home in if it's not spotless.

But alas, I have not been getting this urge.  I have had a list of things that I have wanted to get done, and I have been plugging away at them.  But no sudden urge to scrub the walls, dust the corners or tear apart the fridge.

We are at T-minus one day before D day.  I have washed every article of clothing in this house except for what we are wearing today.  I have vacuumed everything but the stairs.  I have cleaned the kitchen three times over since Matt also decided to brew 5 batches of beer over the weekend which is a very messy job.  And as I mentioned yesterday, I got the car detailed.

The only things I have left to do on my to-do list before Friday morning is finish my thank you cards, clean the tile floors downstairs, have Matt vacuum the stairs, and vacuum one more time both upstairs and down.  With not much left to do, I have plenty of time to dwell on the impending surgery and the new addition to our family.  I am FREAKING out about having another surgery, I don't like to be cut open.  I am nervous about how Lucy is going to react to a brother, and I am terrified about having two kids.  But I am also getting super excited.  Putting away all the little boy clothes and setting things up both upstairs and down has really got me excited too.  Only one more day before we get to meet our little man, and I cannot.wait.

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