Thursday, January 19, 2012

This time tomorrow

This time tomorrow, I will be an hour past the time I am allowed to eat.  That's right, I cannot eat passed 11pm tomorrow in fear I will turn into a gremlin.

This time tomorrow, my ONLY child will have already been shipped off to her grandparents for a 2-3 day mommy/daddy vacation so that she can have her world wildly turned upside down, from being an ONLY child, to being the OLDEST of two.

This time tomorrow, I am going to be cowering in my bed, trying to sleep, but probably crying and throwing up from nerves.  Nerves from the impending surgery and my impending gray hair.

This time tomorrow, I will be sheer hours away from meeting the second man of my dreams.


  1. Everything will be fine! Although I didn't have a scheduled c/s, the thought of being cut open again is beyond nerve racking. I was crying my eyes out when it turned out that a VBAC was out of the question. Obviously we aren't part of that group of women that seem to love c-sections! Although for me it was no less scary than the 1st, at least you know what to expect this time and will not have been in labor for hours beforehand. Your little guy is going to be perfect and Lucy will be just fine. Julia and Cate are inseparable and all those worries I had beforehand were just worries...they love each other like crazy. Your family is going to be complete now! Best of luck tomorrow and I can't wait to see pics of your little guy! :)

  2. PS.......U have a beautiful son.....


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