Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look out world, Randi is BACK!

If you know me, you know that in my normal state of mind, I go go go.  I never really stop.  When I got pregnant with Dex, I lost all motivation and all energy that I had.  I am now proud to say that almost 3 weeks post partum, I am BACK!

Remember how I posted a few months back about wanting to be "that mom?"  Well, I made a goal on Sunday that I was going to try harder to be a better stay at home mom/wife.  I will never be "that mom," but I will be a better mom/wife.

Monday, I did 5 loads of laundry AND I folded it.  Wait, AAAAAND, I PUT IT AWAY!  Amazing right?  I also cleaned the kitchen, and the living room.  I ran two errands, which meant leaving the house with both kids by myself.  I addressed and mailed off our birth announcements.  We also ate dinner at home (thanks to Matt for BBQing the steaks).

Tuesday, I cleaned up our bathroom upstairs (did not scrub it, just cleaned it a little), I also unpacked my non maternity clothes.  I sorted laundry, cleaned our master bedroom, and had Lucy clean her room.  We also ate breakfast, lunch AND dinner at home.  We did not spend money on Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, we had a nice lazy morning where we slept until 9:30, but then we got up, all three of us showered, and fed (Lucy and I went to Dunkin Donuts, shhhhh don't tell Matt :P).  And then we went to the park and spent two hours there.  Lucy ran around with the kids there and she had a blast.  I brought a book, but didn't feel comfortable reading it because I wanted to keep an eye on Lucy and Dex also got a little grumpy and wouldn't let me put him down.  When we got home, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, made Lucy lunch, made two very important phone calls, cleaned up some of my scrapbooking stuff, scrapbooked one page, and did three loads of laundry.  It is barely 4pm I might add.

The small amount of chores that I am doing daily makes me feel accomplished and makes me feel like I am doing a better job than I had been.  I am kinda pulling my own weight around here these days.  Look out house and messes, I will defeat you!  Beware unscrapbooked pictures and memories, I will put you in your place (ba dum dum)!  Randi is back!  I feel GREAT!

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