Monday, February 13, 2012

Randi, are you CRAZY??!!??

That is the question I get when I tell people we are cloth diapering.  And yes, I guess I am crazy, but not because we are cloth diapering.  I am crazy for many many other reasons.

A lot of people cloth diaper to help save the environment, because a child goes through something like 5,000 disposable diapers in their lifetime, and those things do not decompose in landfills.  So quite literally our landfills are full of shit.

Some people cloth diaper because they are crunchy hippies and that is "the thing to do."

Some people cloth diaper because they are cost effective and help save money since disposables are so expensive.  I mean I think with Lucy we paid on average about $40 a week in diapers and that was BEFORE she went to daycare.

So why am I cloth diapering?  Well, a little because of the above mentioned things, but mainly I want to cloth diaper because everyone else told me it would be a pain in the ass and that I wouldn't stick with it.  It's kinda like my little challenge to myself.

Yes, I like the fact that I am not filling up the landfills with diapers that will be there forever.  I like to think that I am mildly crunchy by breast feeding, making our own baby food, and now cloth diapering. And to help save money seeing as I am not bringing in an income anymore, cloth diapers are actually wonderful for that.  Our initial investment has been about $140 and that included a sprayer thing that hooks to the toilet to spray off the poop.  A friend also gave me a butt ton of cloth diapers too so that helped.  I will probably buy some more because the patterns are freaking cute as hell, and well, while my initial goal was strictly to cloth at home, I am quickly learning that it will probably be just as easy to cloth outside the house too, so I will need a few more.

And I caught grief for this choice.  My grandma thought I was ridiculous because she cloth diapered her kids because that was their only option and back then it was a pain in the ass, because they leaked so much.  Matt thought I was being too hippy, but he has since started liking it.  My cousin said "A woman invented disposable diapers, you should support women and use disposables."  Everyone has laughed at me.  But, as I reserve the right to retract my next statement, I really like cloth diapering.  I like the fluffy butt Dexter gets with them on, I like the super cute patterns,  I like the fact that since even though it's only been part time for three days, his little butt is less red than it has been.

I am quickly learning that cloth diapers need to be changed far more often than disposables, and even though I have heard "you will be doing laundry all the time," that doesn't bother me because I do laundry all the time as it is.  Four people produce a lot of dirty clothes, adding an extra load every couple of days is not going to mess up my schedule.

We are on day three of cloth diapering, and I am loving the challenge.  They really aren't as difficult as everyone told me they would be, and so far rinsing them hasn't been far as disgusting as I thought it would be, but then again, I am a mom, and after you have been pooped and peed on as many times as I have, poopie diapers just aren't as gross.


  1. Besides, Little Red's stuff don't stink!!!

  2. Welcome to the cool club :)
    I'm glad you hopped on board. And I will force you to stick with it!


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