Thursday, February 2, 2012

What adding a baby does to our house

Matt's birthday was yesterday.  You know what we did?  We went out to breakfast and took a trip to the book store.  My dad came over with pizza and then Matt had to go teach his class.  And then Matt stayed up late working.

It was lame.  I feel awful.  However, between recovering from having Dex (which by the way I am still not 'cleared' to drive) and all that mess, I haven't been able to do my regular wifely stuff.  Maybe I could have thought ahead and gotten him something fabulous before we had the baby, but well, I was caught up in the idea of having a baby.  I suck.  I know.

But in my "I suck as a wife and I promise to make it up to you" attempts, this weekend will be the best birthday weekend ever.  Friday, I get to start driving again and I plan on taking the kids out on a trip all by myself, and getting Matt the best birthday present ever.  I also plan on making a great fabulous dinner.

My plans are all contingent however on if the kids take me hostage and attempt to take over the world on Friday, which is totally plausible.  I have seen the looks they have been giving each other.  It will soon happen.

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  1. Just don't forget MY birthday!!!....Lot's of presents please!


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