Thursday, March 8, 2012

The best week ever

My best friend ever was in town last week.  Christina and I have been friends since we were 13, which puts us at 17 years of friendship now.  I could not be any luckier in my friend choice with her.

Anyway, while she was in town, we went to Hoover Dam and on our way out there we had lunch at the Boulder Brew Pub.  Lunch was great and we got to try a blueberry ale.  It was way tastier than it sounds.    It had been a little while since I had been to the dam, but it's always a treat going there, it's sooo pretty.  The dam bypass bridge was pretty impressive too.

We gambled a little too.  Where Christina and Jarrett lost their money in the first 30 minutes we were at the casino, it took me another hour and a half to lose only $5.  It was fun though, since I hadn't been out gambling since the year I turned 21.

We also took Lucy and Dex to the Shark Reef.  Lucy loved the Reef.  I was a little surprised also to find that a years membership pass to the Reef was only $40.  Had I known that I would have bought a pass a long time ago and taken Lucy way more than the one time we have gone.

Christina camped out in Lucy's room while she was here, and Lucy just thought this was the most fun thing ever.  As a matter of fact every day, 20 minutes after they woke up, Lucy would tell Christina that it was time for bed and that they needed to go to sleep.

Somehow, also, in the four days that she was here, we used in my house, twice.  I have NO idea how we did this, but we did.  After she left, I didn't think it was possible to not have any clean glasses again, but little did I know, we had, and it took an entire dishwashing load to clean them all.  I was impressed!

I had such a good time with Tina here.  Its always fun when I get to hang out with her, mainly because there are few people in this world that I like hanging out with as much as I enjoy hanging out with her.  I also found, that although we have many things that aren't in common (she is a WAY neater freak than I am) we have so many things that are in common.  Things that we wouldn't have shared as children, because they have turned into adult things, like how we run our households, or our political beliefs.

I alway enjoy the fact that, even when it's months, or even years, inbetween our visits, when we do get to be together again, it's like no time has passed.  I cannot wait for our next visit, which will hopefully be me and the kids visiting her in Colorado.

And as I told Lucy, if I could have only one wish for her future, it would be for Lucy to find a friend as great as the one that I found when I was a little girl.  I value that friendship far more than many things in my life and I thank the greater powers every day for bringing her into my life.

So Christina if you are reading this, I can't wait until the next time!!!!!

(pictures to come)

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