Monday, March 26, 2012


Last Thursday, Matt looked at me and said, "hey, wanna take a trip?"  So we did.

We left on Saturday morning and man, we really should have checked the weather reports before we left because once we got into California, where you are driving on the side of mountains with no off ramps, we ran into this:

It was quite terrifying.  I honestly have never been so scared to be on the road ever.  But Matt got us through without us dying.  Lucy was happy when we got to the hotel because she was able to pull her own suitcase.  She also took the map from me so she could tell us where to go.

We got checked into our hotel and Lucy wanted to go to the beach.  We found a little place to turn off but it started raining again and was FREEZING, so Dexter and I stayed in the car.  Matt and Lucy were back shortly and Lucy was extremely satisfied because she also found some sea shells.

Later Saturday night, we drove into Escondido to have dinner with a friend of mine, Megan, and her husband Paul and their son Anthony.  Anthony is only about 4 days younger than Dexter.  One day they will be besties.  

Sunday, we woke up thinking the rain was going to continue.  Everyone including the news said it would.  However we were surprised to find that the sun was out and shining.  It was cold.  And I had forgotten shoes, I only had flip flops, but we managed to make it through LegoLand.

We had never been there before and although it was fun, and Lucy LOVED it, until Dexter is old enough to have the same type of experience, we probably won't go back.  The pros of Legoland are that for the rides that have long waits, there is a play station for the kids to hang out in and play with legos.  This way little kids don't get bored or rambunctious.  Everything, well almost everything, is made of legos.  This is awesome because I love legos.  Also, everything is geared towards kids Lucy's age.  The had a "mini land" section of the park too, where there were small versions of cities.  Las Vegas was one of them, it was pretty neat.

Here are some more pictures of Legoland:

And yes, that is me with a Lego Harry Potter and Hagrid.  I was in nerdy heaven.

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