Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucy's book club

I was playing around on Pinterest the other day (big surprise right?!?) and came across this blog.  I fell in love instantly.  I mean really, mixing a BOOK CLUB into my daily fun with Lucy??  HEAVEN!  I dug around her blog looking for books that Lucy had that this lady had already done lessons for, and do you know, that we don't own a single book alike??  I couldn't believe it.  Lucy has a million books and NOT ONE was the same as what this lady had on her site.  

I decided that we would work off the same book as she did for the first week so that I could "use" her ideas, and then I would start doing my own lesson plans with the books that we already owned. 

So when I found her blog, she was doing the Three Little Pigs.  We went out and bought the book because how we don't have it just blows me away, but well, now we do.  Yesterday we read it, and today, we read it again, and did a project.  Tomorrow we will read it again and do another project, and on Friday, we will read it yet again, and our food will be related somehow to the book.  I was thinking something like this for breakfast, pigs in a blanket for lunch, and would it be wrong to make pork chops for dinner?  

Here are the outlines of the houses I drew for her to fill in.

Lucy showing off her straw house.

Here is Lucy and the stick house.

Here is Lucy with the brick house.

And the final product.

Lucy had so much fun with this activity, it really makes me mad that I had not thought of this before.  I have started collecting Lucy's books from around the house and writing my own lesson plans for each of them.  I am really enjoying trying to come up with fun stuff to do for each book, and Lucy is loving it too because one, I am giving her sole one on one time since we do these during Dexter's nap times, and two, she gets to play with her books, and this girl LOVES her books.

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