Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pictures as promised

These are just some of the pictures from Christina's trip.  There are a ton more, but blogger would probably shut down if I posted them all.  Looking back at these pics, I remember again how much I miss Christina again.  Even though Lucy and Dex make enough noise together, the house just seems still to quiet without her here.

Lucy and me at the Dam

Christina and Lucy looking over the ledge.  Christina has a death grip on Lucy, and I am in the back taking the picture holding my breath because having Lucy that close to the ledge I was hyperventilating. 

The Dam bypass bridge.  It's pretty impressive.  

Small fry getting pretty tired from walking across the Dam.  And the wind was crazy and she almost got blown away. 

Lucy and Christina checking out critters at the Shark Reef

Dexter was unimpressed. 

Lucy had a blast.  She kept running from tank to tank "lets see what's in THIS one!"

Dexter still not enthused at all. 

This was Lucy looking at the sharks swimming over her.  She didn't really know how to feel about it. 

This was great.  The sunken ship has a window in the floor so you can "walk" on the sharks.  Lucy was TERRIFIED of this and was so upset when I walked over it with the stroller.  She thought Dex and me were going to fall in.  It took like 20 minutes to convince her to walk on it.  

This was Lucy's favorite shark because he had a 'funny' nose

(to be continued withe more pictures, this is only Monday and Wednesday!)

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