Monday, April 9, 2012

Lucy turns 4!

It's hard to believe but my little girl is 4.  I really don't know where the time has gone.  It has been such an awesome journey with her.  Every day she gets more fun and every day she blows us away with something new she says.

On March 31st we had her birthday party, and then on April 1, which is her actual birthday, we had a family day, and took her to do all kinds of fun stuff.  Please see the pictures for the full effect!

We had an egg hunt at the park with all Lucy's friends

Opening presents

Lucy's R2D2 chair that she LOVES

Birthday dinner at Metro Pizza
Birthday ice cream

This is birthday breakfast at Einstein's.  Lucy said she wanted bagels for breakfast
Who has two thumbs and just turned 4?  THIS GIRL!

Spending her Barne's and Noble gift cards

Spending her Target gift cards
Spending her Kohl's gift cards

Birthday ice cream

Birthday cake 
And this is me trying to teach Lucy how to use her golf clubs.  We did really good for a while and then as you can see here she got silly and was putting her feet on the outside of mine.  She did good though!  I can't wait to take her to the golf course now and teach her to use the other clubs!

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