Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some super crazy amazing interesting and nerve racking news

I need to blog about Lucy's birthday.  It's crazy to think my little girl is already 4!  But before I update with pictures from her party and all the super amazing things she is doing, I have an announcement!

I am so excited about this news I am surprised I have been able to keep it in for as long as I have.

But we are moving.  Matt, the kids and I are loading our stinky dogs into the car and the first weekend of May, we are driving to Seattle, WA which is where we will then live.

I have never lived in another state before, hell I have never lived anywhere other than Las Vegas.  I have never even been to Seattle before.  But, we are going.

Why are we going should you ask?  Well Matt, my amazing talented and awesome husband, accepted a job with, yes, that super great website where you buy all your stuff.

So, in four weeks our little family will be Sowdering About in Seattle!!!

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  1. Hooray!!! Congrats Matt! Seattle is supposed to be great :)


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