Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our relocation is over

After four days, three nights, three dogs, two kids and a mom and dad, we are FINALLY in Seattle.  Well, Redmond, actually, but it's amazing here.  Our first day we arrived, it was beautiful and sunny.  We picked up the keys to our temporary house where we will be for almost four weeks, and headed on over to get settled.  The dogs were anxious to get out and stretch their legs.  They explored and poked their doggie noses in all the bushes and flowers.  A squirrel made the mistake of trying to see what the excitement was and he almost ended up as dinner!

The weather has kept up, and it's only rained about 20 minutes total since we arrived.  It's been a beautiful welcoming, although we were totally hoping for rain.  Since Matt doesn't start work for another week, we have been taking our days to explore and get familiar with the area.  Thursday, we drove into Edmonds and went to the beach on lake Washington.  Friday, we went to a park in Juanita that also has a beach, since Lucy has been pretty much obsessed.  We also took a trip into the city on Friday and went  down to Pike's Place Market.  It was pretty neat!  I think we got there a bit to late though and didn't get to see the fish being tossed around or anything.  But we will be going going back down in the morning sometime next week to see if we can see it.

Today, we found another park (it's really not hard, there are parks EVERYWHERE) that is a wetlands park.  It was sooooooo cool.  It was just across the lake from the park we went to yesterday, and although there wasn't a beach at this one, there was turtles.  Yes, tons of TURTLES.  It was amazing.  We also snuck up on a bird watching group and we were able to see a small little bird trying to attack a crane.  The bird people were pretty excited about it, so we hung out for a second to see it happen, and then we left so there was more room for them.

We really have had a fabulous time so far.  It hasn't really felt like anything other than a vacation still, but I am sure once we get to our permanent house where our stuff will be it will feel different.  But we still have a few more weeks before we get the keys to that house.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some pictures of our adventures so far:

The dogs all snuggled up in the van

Dexter on a pit stop

Lucy thought this bench was amazing

Daddy and Lucy swimming at our hotel in Redding

Breakfast in Redding

Pit stop on our way to Portland

This is  Matt and I NOT PUMPING GAS in Oregon.  I love that you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon.  My favorite part of that state!

This was at a really cute BBQ place. The food was amazing.  I called the corn bread divine.  And it was.

Our first day in Seattle!  Our keys weren't ready for our temp house so we found this park to walk around in.

How we were welcomed to the temp house

The back yard

The dining room

The first living area

Edmonds ferry dock

Lucy playing in the sand

Dexter loving the sun

Lucy and daddy digging

Dexter getting angry that he couldn't dig




  1. Hooray! It looks wonderful!

  2. Wow.....The Turtles and everything.......U guys look like U are off to a good start.......

  3. Little Red looks very happy!!!!!!

  4. This looks beautiful! I am dying to check out that area! I've never been northwest!


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