Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are you BRAVE enough?

Who hasn't seen the previews for BRAVE?  Everyone right?  Well, I know that we have, especially Lucy.  Every time she sees a poster, commercial, billboard whatever, it's BRAVE this and BRAVE that.  How could we not take her opening weekend?  I was intrigued because she's a Scottish redheaded princess that rides horses, shoots arrows, and is all about independence and personal pride.  Holy COW! What an amazing Disney princess.  Not some silly weakling doting over some prince locked in a tower, hidden away with a bunch of dwarfs or sleeping awaiting a kiss from Prince Charming to wake her.  This was a tough ass bia climbing cliffs, shooting arrows everywhere and fighting with her mom, because what teenage girl DOESN'T fight with her mom?  I mean it really made me see what my life will be like in a few more years with my tough ass little girl, climbing cliffs and being awesome.

There were some pretty violent parts, but seeing as Lucy's favorite dinosaur is the Velosiraptor and she loves to watch Jurassic Park I wasn't worried about her being scared, and she wasn't.  She was so excited through the whole movie.

And she wasn't the only one excited.  I am proud to say that BRAVE is my favorite Disney movie ever.  I LOVED that she was a red head.  I LOVED that she was tough and fearless, and I LOVED that it wasn't a silly love story.  Matt and I laughed til we had tears.  The dad and the brothers were great characters.  I really loved them.  Hell, Dexter was even intrigued for the 20 minutes he was awake during the movie.  I was a little sad they didn't cast him as the fourth red headed brother though.

All in all I give this movie two thumbs up and three cheers!  I seriously cannot wait until it comes out on video because we will be buying it.  We also might sneak away on a rainy afternoon to see it again too.  

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