Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some updates

We are getting settled, slowly but surely.  The inside of the house is probably 95% unpacked.  We still have a lot that needs to be put away and everything still needs a home, but 95% is unpacked.  I think that is saying a lot considering this is only really the second week we have been here.

Matt had to fly down to Phoenix for work on Monday night and came back on Tuesday night.  It was crazy hectic in the evening without him here, but we made it.  Monday night I was hanging pictures in Dexter's room, and like a dummy was standing on a bench instead of a ladder and I fell.  Yup.  With just me and the kids at home, I fell off this bench and hit my head on the wall.  Lucy was standing there and watched the whole thing.  After she checked that I was ok, she said "mommy, daddy said never never never stand on that bench because you will fall."  Good call Lucy.  All in all, I  am ok.  I have a little whiplash in my neck, I have a bruise behind each of my legs where I hit the bench coming down, and I have a bruise under my right arm where I landed on the hammer.  Somehow, I also bruised the top of my left index finger and I bent my engagement ring all to hell, so I have to get it fixed.  But the pictures look great ;)

Father's day is coming up and we don't have a whole lot planned.  Probably just going on a light hike since I picked up a baby hiking pack at a resale shop this week.  It still had the original tags on it marked at $189 but the store was selling it for $48.  The owner didn't realize that it had a weather guard on it and when he was showing it to me and saw it, I said, "I'll take it!!!"  He looked at me and said " will?"  And I told him only if it was at the price he just told me, to which he said "only for you, I was just going to mark it up after seeing the weather guard."  So I lucked out!

We are slowly finding our way around up here and I think my biggest find so far is the Fred Meyer by my house.  They have a play place for kids, so I can drop Lucy off while I do my shopping with Dexter, and I get to shop in near silence and in half the time as it usually takes.  Lucy loves it too since there are always other little kids there.

Lucy got to do some painting today and I got to mark off a project from my pinterest check list.  Next week after we get some book shelves put up, I will be able to mark off a few more items from my pinterest check list too!  I can't wait to really start getting some crafts done again.

I will leave you with a picture of Lucy and her pinterest project

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