Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food starts, poop changes

Let me preface this post with some thoughts.  We weren't going to start solids with Dexter until after he was 6 months old.  He was gaining plenty of weight, maybe even too much, with just breast milk. He is borderline 20ish lbs at 5 months.  He hasn't been very mobile until recently and I didn't want to add additional calories that wouldn't be burned off fast enough until he was more mobile.  My thoughts changed a few weeks ago when Dexter was watching us eat and started mimicking us by chewing.  

I got our high chair unpacked and bought some rice cereal (to mix into the food, which I still haven't used) and tried to figure out what Dexter was going to try first.  

And that is how Dexter started foods.  And he really cannot get enough.  We skipped over rice cereal and went straight to green veggies, peas.  Lucy loved them, still does (to my dismay, I hate peas) and just as his sister before him, he loves them.  He couldn't get enough and started screaming at me when I took the bowl away.  

The next day, we tried bananas.  Bananas did not go over as well as the peas.  He spit them out, gave me many a strange face, but in the end, he still ate them.  Like my dad commented in one of the posts below, I believe this kid will soon start to eat us out of house and home.  

Lucy and I had lunch with my friend today and Dexter started screaming at the table again.  My friend commented that maybe he was jealous he wasn't eating, so I gave him some rice, which he just ended up spitting out, but after he had some food, he was fine and was content for the rest of the meal.  

We are trying to give him at least one meal a day right now, and he's only had peas and bananas, and I plan to keep up this rotation for another few days when I will introduce another food.  I am thinking sweet potatoes next and then some avocados.  Food is always fun, but of course, allergies is always something we look out for, which is why I am splitting them up a few days apart. 

And of course, the only reason we went ahead and started foods was because little man has been flipping and flopping all over the floor, scooting and pushing, and making his way around the living room in anyway possible.  If I don't keep a strict eye on him, he ends up half way across the room before I know it.  Lucy didn't really start moving until 6ish months and she didn't start army crawling until 8mo.  I have a feeling that Dexter isn't going to want to be left behind so it might just come a little quicker to him than his sister.  Oh the days of mobility, I am not ready for thee.  

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