Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy for the weekend!

This weekend should be pretty exciting and I am looking forward to it!  We have our Bountiful Baskets to pick up, we are taking Lucy to a freebie karate class and then my cousin Jeri and her daughter Hannah are coming by for a visit!  Our first visitors!  I am so excited!

Also, I am finally getting some crafting done which is making me feel accomplished.  I don't have a craft table or spot yet, so I have taken over the kitchen table.  oops.  Oh well.  I am hoping that in about another week or two we will have found the perfect work station and I will have my own area.  I think I see another trip to IKEA in our near future!  YES!   I love IKEA.

I am also working on a Pinterest challenge with some online friends of mine.  We have a week to complete some of the stuff we have pinned.  Well I finished two last night.  I have one more planned, and can't wait to actually do some of the stuff that I have pinned.   As a matter of fact, I plan on a whole post of everything I have pinned and completed here soon.  So stick around :)

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