Monday, June 18, 2012

I am turning into a hippy

I wouldn't say I was completely turning hippy, but I like to think I might have a little hippy in me.  I cloth diaper, have started making my own household cleaning products, and next up will be homemade laundry detergent.  However, these days, the term hippy isn't used anymore, the term "crunchy" is.  Now, there are people out there that are FAR more crunchy than I am.  I am actually far from being able to call myself "crunchy."  Like if my life was a cup of yogurt, there might be only a few pieces of granola in it compared to a complete granola bar.

Ok, well I digress.  The point to this post is that I am trying new things.  I will never be full crunchy because there are things I like far to much to give up, like deodorant.  BUT, I can dream right?

So that said, tonight, I made my own chicken stock.  I bought a whole chicken for about $5.  I seasoned it with butter and rosemary and some salt and pepper (sea salt because I have been watching a lot of FOOD network lately and they use a lot of sea salt [it's pretty yummy too]).  It was delish.  Well, the thought of just throwing out the carcass was sad to me, so I asked a few friends and they told me to throw it in a crock pot with some water and let it simmer overnight.  I added the bones, some meat, some broth from the pan I cooked it in, a bay leaf and in the morning I will add some salt.  I am stupid excited about this.  But you know?  What's the worst that could happen?  It not turn out ok and I have to dump my broth down the drain?  It's worth the risk if you ask me!

So I will let you know how my homemade chicken broth comes out.

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