Monday, June 4, 2012

We have a home!

I know it's been crazy long since I have updated, but well things have kinda been crazy!  After getting settled into temporary housing, we Sowdered about and checked out Seattle.  Not that I have any idea where I am going still, I do know how to get to the local craft stores and really people, that is all that matters.

We got moved into our permanent home over the weekend.  The movers moved all our stuff into our new house on Saturday.  We spent all day Saturday, all day Sunday and all day today unpacking.  I joked with Matt telling him that it seems our furniture grew while it was in storage because everything we own is too big.  Our couches don't fit in the living room properly, out kitchen table has a very tight squeeze too.  Also, the kitchen is far smaller than I expected and I am struggling to find all my gadgets a home.  The only downside to being a Pampered Chef consultant in the past was that I now own practically everything they make which means I am now bursting at the seams.

It's all coming together quite nicely though.  I finished unpacking our bedroom, Lucy's bedroom and the guest bathroom.  I have spent two full days on the kitchen and I am *almost* done, but not completely. Some repacking of some china and downsizing will have to be done in the long run.  As soon as I have some good pictures, I will post them.

On a lighter note, within the last two weeks, Dexter has rolled over, belly to back and then back to belly.   He also has found his toes.  At first he would only grab them when he was angry but now he will grab them if he is happy too, which is how we started the game, Angry Toes/Happy Feet.  I don't know why, but he loves it when I stick his toes in his mouth.

Anyway, more updates will be coming and more regular posting will be in the works as well.

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