Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another new segment! Pinterest Tuesdays!

I have mentioned Pinterest on here a million times.  What can I say, I just can't get enough.  I can get lost forever on that site.  But you know, there has been enough pinning.  There needs to be more doing.  So I am going to start doing some of the projects that I have pinned and then blog about them.  If I promise to share my creations, then it might help keep me accountable to keep it up.

First things first, is my command center.  I got the pin here, and kinda took my own spin on it.  This is the end result, we have our menu board, our events calendar, Lucy's chore chart, our monthly calendar and you can't see it here, but I have two clip boards to display Lucy's art (another post all together).  

The menu board was written about here.  I made some adjustments from my original plan.  I didn't like the envelopes I added for cards so I took them off, of course, after they fell off because I didn't glue them on properly.  I have also stopped putting up the small cards and as I find recipes, I write them, print them, etc and add them to the board.  I have been trying a new recipe each week.  Sometimes I get super ambitious and I will make two new recipes.  The most fun part about the new recipes that I am making is they are also recipes that I have been pinning.  

Our weekly events calendar is something I use each week.  I list all our fun activities on it.  Nothing chore related, only the fun stuff we have planned.  It's a nice way to get a quick glance at what we have coming up for the week. 

This is Lucy's weekly chore chart.  At 4, Lucy doesn't have a huge amount of chores, but we have found that this is a great way for her to learn responsibility.  We don't reward her with money, but for each chore that she does, she gets a smiley face.  If she gets a chart full of smilies by the end of the week, she gets to go to the book store for a treat.  Sometimes, she wants to buy a book, sometimes she is just fine with browsing.  So her chores are, Get Dressed, Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Help with Indoor Chores, Put Clothes in the Laundry, Pick up Toys, Clean your Room, Take a Bath, Get Ready for Bed.  

We also review her daily reminders such as No Teasing, Don't use bad language, Be Respectful, No Whining, Say Please and Thank You, Apologize, and Share.  I ask her to repeat each of her daily reminders each day when we do her smilies.  She is so cute when she repeats them all.  

Here is our monthly calendar.  Both this and the chore chart are Melissa and Doug products.  We use this to see the whole month.  We review the day and date each day.  I have made extra magnets for our regular activities so we can add them.

I made these clip boards.  Well I didn't *make* them.  I bought them for a dollar each from the thrift store.  I just coated them in pretty paper and painted them.  I will do another post for these at a later date.  So I use these to pin up Lucy's art projects that we do.  They are also very close to her level so she can see them better.  And she loves showing them off.

So there is the Sowders' Command Center.  I am thankful for the pin that gave me the inspiration.  I find that those whole work up helps me keep my act together and really helps me stay organized.  

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