Thursday, July 19, 2012

We went fishing

During one of our GTGs (get togethers) with the mom's group I joined, we visited fish farm called U-Fish.  It's pretty cool.  You go there, they give you a bamboo pole with fishing lure and a hook, a net, a cup with bait and a set of pliers...with a billy club attached to it.  And then...well they just set you lose.  They set you lose on three concrete pools full of trout.  And you get to fish.  Well, no, you don't fish at U-Fish.  You catch at U-Fish.

I was not prepared for this.  Which is why when Lucy caught her first fish the second her pole was in the water, I probably wasn't as prepared as I thought I would be.  I rushed to get the net because they charge you if you release the fish.  Then the fish started flopping around, as fish do, and the hook went through and it was like making a fish necklace.  I couldn't get the hook out.  So I asked for help. The owner gave me the least sympathetic look ever and had her grandson, who had to be no more than 10, come help me.  And did he ever.  He took the billy club and knocked the fish out and unhooked the fish.  As he did, I squirmed, squealed and freaked out and made quite the spectacle of myself.

I am not proud of that moment.  I am not for one minute proud of the fact that I freaked out and that the other people there are probably telling stories of that crazy lady with the blonde and redhead.  But I did.

By the second fish, I was a little better.  When we caught the third fish, I was getting into my groove.  And by the fourth fish, when I stringed it too, I was able to get it out myself.

I was totally fine until it was time for them to gut the fish.  Again, this was something I was not prepared for.  They pull out innards and the heart. I was a little icky with the hearts because when they put them on the counter, the bastards KEEP BEATING.  And they squirt blood everywhere.  And it's GROSS.  But we left with 4 fish.  And Lucy was so excited and happy.  And she had such a good time, and that is all that matters right?

The next day we BBQ'd those suckers up and it was amazing.  Lucy even ate some and loved it too!

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