Thursday, July 19, 2012

You're turning into a blueberry!

There are some things that we just can't do in Vegas and picking blueberries is one.  I have never picked blueberries before and of course, Lucy has never picked blueberries either.  It was so much fun!  Lucy picked so many blueberries, with just a little help from me, that we had enough blueberries for scones, muffins and pancakes.  We did not, however, get to the muffins, and the scones were horrible, but the pancakes, the pancakes were amazing.  It helped that I mixed in some banana chunks and they were incredible.

We ended up getting just over a pound of blueberries, I think, and it cost $1.30.  A DOLLAR AND THRITY CENTS PEOPLE!  Incredible!

It really was a great time, and I cannot wait to go back, I just hope Lucy is ready when I am.

Dexter pickin berries like a BOSS!

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  1. U have the prettiest blue berry picker in the Northwest and Little Red is dressed to climb the Swiss Alps......


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