Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday; Mock stencil painting

I love crafting with my kids.  I think a good foundation for them is to learn how to express themselves in a positive way.  I am hoping crafting can do that for them.  Plus it gives us something to do together and we get moments together where we can work side by side and share ideas.  

I found this idea via Pinterest and decided it would be an amazing project to do with Lucy.  Eventually Dexter will get to do one too when he's a little older.  But I found that this one would be perfect for Lucy's age.  

The original blogger, Having Fun at Home, shows you how to do this, but it's truly very simple.  She used electrical tape, but as we had just moved, I could only find scotch tape.  I taped her name, gave her some brushes and paint and I let her go to town.  For a girl that loves to paint, this was definitely the best project for her.  

She was super proud of it and loves that it's in her room where she can see it.  I can't wait to be able to do this with Dexter because he, I am sure, will be equally as excited about it.

Have you tried anything like this?

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