Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pinterest Tuesday

I finished this pin a while ago, and I did it in a multitude of ways.

Basically you use "sticker" templates or stencils then paint over it, then remove the stickers and voila! You have an awesome painting.  

So I did my own.  I made one for Lucy's room, one for Dexter's room, and then I did one for my hallway project, which I ended up redoing because I didn't like how the first one came out.  

This is in Lucy's room, the sun is made from her handprints (which is another pin)

This one is in Dexter's room

The picture on the right was the first draft.  The top half are letters I cut out from my Cricut and they are glued on, the bottom is stenciled over fabric.  But as you can see it was waaaaay too hard to read, so I fixed it in the next picture.  And then Lucy photo-bombed me.

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