Monday, September 24, 2012

How did last week's menu go?

This weeks food was awesome, that I cannot deny. We did have some slight deviations, but, well what can I say, I impressed even myself, which is hard to do since I'm always the hardest on myself.

Monday's Mongolian beef turned out great. I altered the recipe (here) by adding onions and broccoli to it. I threw in the broccoli last and then put a lid on so that they would actually steam in the pot. Brilliant I tell you.

I moved the potato soup to Wednesday because I made some homemade bread and they complimented each other perfectly. 

This is the bread I made the first time, I forgot to take a picture of the bread I made last week. BTW it's better than it looks :)
Thursday, I was going to make the grilled quesadillas but realized I was out of cheese, so I made some chicken fried rice instead. Fried rice is one of my most favorite things to eat, especially since I learned just how freaking easy it is to make.

Friday was supposed to be pizza night, but Matt was working late and made a comment about going out so we went and got Thai food. It was not great and I instantly regretted not making our own pizzas.

Saturday, we ate our left overs for lunch and at the last minute a friend called and asked if we could help them out by watching their kids. We went to help and grabbed food on our way there. Not as good as homemade pizza or BBQ, but it hit the spot.

Sunday, we finally got to our pizza, and it was well worth the wait.  I made a bacon, leek and garlic pizza.  I sautéed the garlic and then cooked the bacon and leeks in the garlic oils.  Matt and Lucy rolled out the dough while I was cooking the toppings.  When they were done, I put everything on top, smothered it in cheese and tossed it in the oven.  It was a.mazing.
I do get a little mad when we deviate from our menu plans because I do spend so much time putting it together, mapping out what we need, and doing all the preparations. But it just goes to show you that you do sometimes have to be ready for the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unwillingness to go to the store in the rain for cheese.

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