Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday

This week on Music Monday, I would like to start by telling you the radio sucks.  I mentioned last week that the transmitter I bought wasn't working properly.  Well I took it back.  I was so tired of having The Disappointing Pancake song being interrupted by some random country station that I just shut off my playlist and returned the transmitter.

But now, we are left with just the radio.  And it sucks.  Not only is most music playing today just not appropriate for a 4 year old (hello, there is an S&M song that talks about whips and chains exciting her which is something I DO NOT need Lucy talking about in karate) but there are 4 billion commercials.  Right when I think we have found a station that we can listen to for a while, they interrupt the music with an hour of commercials.  I made the joke yesterday to Matt that I think we should go buy a CD.  His reply "do they even still make those?"  Yes, apparently we are now old.

And to add more age to myself, I got all crazy excited when 99 Red Balloons (or 99 Luftballoons for my German folk) came on.  I started singing along and jammin' out.  I turned into a 12 year old girl again dancing in the car.  12 year old girl you say, but that song came out in '84.  Well I was not 12 in '84, I just remember being in junior high when I first heard the song, so I am not *that* old.

Lucy was not impressed by this song, as a matter of fact, she told me I had the radio too loud (who's old now?), covered her ears and asked me to stop singing.

Now I ask you, who does that kid belong to?  Doesn't like 99 Red Balloons?!


  1. Um, I like it!!! I dance and hop along to it every time I hear it.

  2. LOL she's too cute! I love that song :)
    Have you tried Pandora? You can use it on the computer, or if you have an iphone. It's a lifesaver in the car though when there's nothing on the regular radio (aka all the time..)

  3. You should definitely try Pandora - just google it! You can pick a song or band, and Pandora will create an entire radio station for you based around that sound. OR, you can try Spotify, where you can actually create your own playlists and listen to the playlists of others! Both are free online, and Pandora can be streamed through the tv if you have a nifty converter (or XBox, I think)

  4. Oh yea, normally we are all over pandora. Our favorite station is the kids indie station, but the ax adaptor that I bought stopped working. I went through three of them last money and finally just have up. As soon as I get my new iPhone we are going to get a converter installed in the car so we don't have to deal with the frequency adaptors.


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