Friday, September 7, 2012

The neatest sushi place ever

Matt's parents left on Wednesday night (I will write a post about all our visitors soon) and we had a pretty lazy day that day.  We had been doing a lot of running around and sight seeing so I hadn't cleaned my kitchen that day, and I didn't take anything out for dinner.  So when Matt got home, I suggested running out for dinner.  We were going to look for a mongolian restaurant in the Juanita Bay area, but came across a sushi place that look way more fun.

A lot of sushi places will have an all you can eat for $20 or so, but this place, this place loaded up small plates of rolls and they rotated around the restaurant on a conveyor belt.  Each plate was a different color and each color was a different price.  And so whatever you wanted, you just grabbed the plate.  It was so much fun.  And the best part was they even put little teriyaki plates, which was the perfect amount for Lucy and it was only $2.50.

It really was fun, and I am excited to say that even after we stuffed our faces, it was just as much as any other time we get sushi.  It will most definitely be our new sushi place!

Our tower of plates

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  1. My husband has spent a total of 12 months working in Japan where they have tons of resturants like this. We refer to them as "sushi-go-round".


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