Sunday, September 23, 2012

This weeks menu

The FOOD network is a dangerous thing for me.  Anytime I watch it, I get inspired and by inspired I mean hungry.  This week was no exception.  There was an episode of Restaurant Impossible recently where a mexican place was being revamped.  The lady who owned it prepared a chimichanga that would probably change my life if I ever got to eat it.  I know that nothing I can whip up will equal what she did, but I am going to try.  So I threw chimichangas on this weeks menu.  You guys ready to see what I am cooking up?  Well enough chit chat...

Monday-BBQ shrimp with lemon butter and possibly some steamed veggies
Tuesday-Loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole.  I love casseroles because they are typically one dish meals which means less dishes.
Wednesday-burritos/chimichangas with some homemade guacamole.  I am just going off memory from the TV show on this one, and I am using chicken instead of beef and if the deep frying part of this turns out awful, then I will just turn them into burritos
Thursday-steak and smashed sweet potatoes which have turned into a favorite in this house.  I make some super spicy for Matt, less spicy for me, and no spice at all for Lucy.  They are pretty amazing, if you haven't tried them yet, you need to.
Saturday-Left overs (big surprise)
Sunday-BBQ something

There won't really be any deviations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Really the only change that happens on those days is that we go out to eat.

So what is on your menu?

**Edited to add that this post is participating in a blog hop, Mostly Homemade Mondays over at Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity.  Please link back to her page if you would like to see more from this segment!

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