Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Scrappin' my life away Part 2

Here are the next few pages that I did.  I love the space theme that I am trying to stick to.  It's a lot of fun!  I have only been taking pictures with my phone and so I have been trying to track down how old he is in each picture by looking to see when I posted them to facebook and the dates that I took them in iPhoto.  And before you all get crazy on me saying "oh well it's because he's the second child you are taking less care of documenting his youth,"  I have to do the same with Lucy's pictures when I sit down to scrapbook.  

I did these pages leaving room to add pictures if I want to, or stats, or little notes or whatever.  If I don't then the pages are still pretty awesome the way they are.  

Also, I would like to add that I am far more ahead in his book than I was with Lucy's book at this time with her's.  

So please, enjoy!

Dexter gaga

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