Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Pancake love

I found this pin what seems like a million years ago it seems.  I loved the idea of being able to make my own pancake shapes for Lucy when we were making pancakes.  She likes it too and usually makes requests for dinosaurs, bears and other things that I cannot produce out of pancake batter.  

What I learned from my trials, is that I should have used a bottle like the one in the pin.  The bottle that I used has a rubber seal thing in it that prevents the lumps from getting through.  This results in me squeezing the bottle super hard and then all of a sudden a batter explosion.  The explosion makes for weird looking pancake bears.  It also doesn't let air out of the bottle, so making the batter ahead of time and putting it in the fridge doesn't work because as the batter expands, the air can't get out, resulting in batter explosions in the kitchen if you try to open the bottle.

But, when it does work, dinosaur pancakes are the best.  Even when they look just like rocks.  


  1. Put that one pancake on EBay as it has the face of Jesus on it...

  2. Randi, Williams and Sonoma has a batter bottle for pancakes that is great, no explosions!


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