Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Five, six, pick up sticks

We went on an adventure.  I needed supplies, Lucy was bored.  We loaded Dexter up in the stroller and headed to a little clearing (I say clearing because there aren't any houses there, but it's a very dense mini forest) to explore.  I had to wave a stick in front of us while we were entering because the spiders run rampant around these parts and you just never know when you will walk into a web, which would be my worst nightmare.

So there we were, in this mini forest exploring.  Lucy asked me what we were looking for and I told her we were looking for sticks.  She was so excited about this and took much care in finding the "perfect" sticks for our project.  She would pick one up and examine it and tell me if it was good enough or not and she threw back the unacceptable ones with disgust.  In just a few long (very long) minutes, we had an acceptable amount of sticks.

We headed back to our house where we laid out our bounty.

I sorted them into four piles and started to bind them together with some twine.

Lucy thought this little frame was super amazing and needed a picture with it straight away.

When I explained to her that this was actually a wreath for our front door, she was even more exited because she could "see it every day all day!"

And then my friend told me it looked like it was a movie prop from the Blair Witch Project.  Nothing like some good ol' fashioned constructive criticism huh?  After some thought and experiments, I finally decided on some ribbon, flowers and an "S" for our last name. 


  1. I will "stick" with U.....Sorry Matt, but no agreement no peace!!!

  2. Definitely option A!

  3. def the middle S!!! Also, I am so impressed by how great your blog design is looking!

  4. In the middle!!! Boys are so weird :)

  5. It pains me to say this, but I have to go with B. I like it. Besides, it's a little off...just like Matt:)and it gives me a chance to disagree with Daddd:)


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