Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: Scrub-a-dub dub, what a clean tub

Let me just state for the record that as green and crunchy everyone thinks I am, I am not really that crunchy.  Ok, ok, I kinda am, but I am not crunchy because I want to save the planet or because I want to life a simple green life.  I like to do things like cloth diaper, because it's fun and different, and the diapers are freaking cute.  I make my own chicken stock not because I am worried about getting the most of my dollar, but because I find it super freaking awesome that I can actually make my own, since I never knew you could.

That said, I recently followed the directions on this blog and made up this cleaning solution for the bathroom.  It was simple as hell (equal parts of Dawn dish soap and vinegar), cheaper than 409 and frankly, worked way better.  The scrubber I picked up at Target for like $3 and I had the Dawn and vinegar.  I mixed it all together and put the scrubber in my shower.  Today, after my work out, I hopped in the shower and scrubbed.  And it was everything that I had dreamed.  The cleaning solution cleaned faster and easier than my regular 409 did that I will never go back.  The absolute best part about it was that while I was cleaning, I didn't get that burning feeling in my nose and throat from the harsh 409.  Usually I have to hold my breath, spray spray spray, then scrub, and then breath, but with this solution, I didn't have to do that.

The great thing about this is that it's easy enough that Lucy can do it too, so I am getting another scrubber, filling it up and putting it in Lucy's tub so she can clean after her baths.

I think everyone should try it!

Edited to add that my friend Sara over at Our Little Northern Life posted about this also.  She also shouts it from the rooftops how wonderful this is!  Go and check out her testimonial!

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  1. I use the same cleaner! It is fabulous! I have never thought about putting it in a scrubber though! Im definitely going to have to do that

  2. I will have Candy do that, twice a week!!!!.........Thx

  3. Oh dad, you make me laugh :)

    Kaydee, definitely try it in the scrubber! SOOOOO easy!!

  4. I saw this and wanted to try it, but probably wouldn't have if not for this post! Thanks! I am totally doing it now!


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